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    Multiple log templates

    I'm sure it's been asked before, but wondering how far down the development tree is the ability to have multiple log templates. Or ideally, a seperate template for each log type (Find, dnf, need maintenance etc) this would be really handy.
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    Cachly 2.1 unified database

    A little off topic, but I guess there are a lot of "refugees" using Cachly! Great to see an active developer again
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    To expand a bit, Geosphere has the ability to display the proximity circles as an overlay on the map, and it's also set to only show on physical waypoints - posted coordinates for physical cache types, and multi-stage and final waypoints. (reference points, parking/trailhead/virtual etc are not relevant for proximity concerns and so don't show the circle). It's a very useful feature, especially when planning for cache placement in a busier area.
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    Hi Nic I would be great if the waypoint details (description) would be visible in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode. This cache for example has the following waypoints with a task you have to solve at each waypoint (counting things in this case): But in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode I can't see what I have to do at a certain waypoint, e.g. 'Stage 1': So I have to switch back to the cache detail page and lookup the task of the waypoint. Seeing the waypoint description directly in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode would be much easier And the killer feature would be that I could see the waypoints not only in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode, but already in the normal map view of an offline list (switchable on/off). With this feature I could see on the map if I walk past a waypoint of a multi cache where I have to do something, while going to get a traditional cache Or even planning the optimal route to solve several multis at the same time Thanks for your great work and best regards Michael
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    Nic Hubbard

    Log icons on map popup

    I do have this on our list for offline lists. Just need to design how it would look.
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    Deprecation of direct email contact

    Breaking news. Public outcry has saved email.
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    Open cache from pending logs

    Hi, Thanks for creating the best geocaching app out there. I often save finds while in the field, and then compose and submit the logs when I get home. What would really be a good feature for this workflow, is the ability to return to the cache listing from the pending log view. Today, I have to search for the cache ID to find it, which is a bit cumbersome. I typically do this to read through the description to get input on my log, and for mysteries I like to have a look at my cache notes to see when I solved it, etc. Kind regards, Ketil
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    Nic Hubbard

    Voting for Feature Requests

    You can now vote for feature requests. This will help us to know how popular suggested features might be. Please vote!
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    Dropped Pin Radius

    I was planting some caches this weekend in a location that had none. I knew that I wanted to plant several, and was trying to scope out locations. What was challenging is that I had to guesstimate that they were at least .1 miles away from each other. It would be nice to be able to drop a pin that had the .1 mile radius marker on it. Just a convenience thing when trying to populate an area. Either way, thanks in advance! SB
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    Team DEMP

    API limitation

    The Groundspeak API has a limit of 30 requests over 60 seconds.
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    Yes you can! On the main screen click the 3 ... in the bottom right and go into Settings. Scroll in settings until you find Log Text. Click into that and whatever you write here will be posted to your log. You can also click the 3 ... in the top right of the Log Text screen, select Insert Keyword and you'll see a list of shortcuts to add. I'm not a "trackable" guy but I think what you want is ... when you are creating your log, scroll to & click Trackable Drop/Visit. On that screen, click the 3 ... in the top right and select All Visted. Those work for you?
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    Mark Pocket Queries as Downloaded

    After a Pocket Query is downloaded on the "Pocket Queries" screen, there is no indication left behind that the download has completed and when it was last done. I think it would be a nice addition to Cachly if the individual Queries could be marked in some way (a background or typeface colour change maybe) to indicate that they have already been downloaded. Not sure if it's possible to extend this by having the original colour return if the Pocket Query is refreshed at geocaching.com (which would indicate it needs re-downloading into Cachly). The addition of the date of download (space permitting) would also be a great feature.
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    Nic Hubbard

    DNF color in overview screen

    Posting this for more discussion. Thoughts? P.S., this is starting to grow on me...
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    Adding WP with projection

    I just started to use Cachly, used L4C previously, like Cachly better! Thing missing for me is the option to add a WP (while doing a multi f.e.) based on a projection (giving bearing and distance). in L4C you can add a WP where you pick the point from which you want the projection to be calculated ( incl. other already stored WPs or current location), give bearing and distance and it will calculate and create the "WP+1" for you... I hope you understand I am asking for More then happy to explain in more details! thx!
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    Team DEMP

    How to download the offline maps?

    On the main map page that is displayed when you launch Cachly, click on the map icon displayed at the bottom. It's the icon with 3 stacked squares. In the map window that opens, the top option is Download Offline Maps. Click Download Offline Maps, then Europe and then Belgium or whatever countries you want to have offline. I hope that helps.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Send all logs

    Yes, this is a feature that we have been working on. However it isn't a quick and simple thing to add. Here is what has to happen with this feature: Upload pending logs, one at a time to the server. If pending log has a trackable to log, log each trackable one at a time. If pending log has images to upload, upload images one at a time. So there are quite a few working pieces to this feature. That being said, we are still actively working on it.
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    Bulk Logging

    I was out caching today and found five caches. I logged each of these as finds and at the end of the day I had five Pending Geocache Logs (waiting to be posted as field notes). It doesn't look like there is a way to upload all of these field notes at one time rather than one at a time. Is this correct? Are there plans to include a way to upload in bulk? It doesn't take too long to upload five caches individually, but it might get a bit tedious if one has 20 or 30 finds waiting to be uploaded as field notes.
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    Navigate to Cache: Distance

    In the "Navigate to Cache" mode, the distance is displayed at the top of the map. When I cache offline, I use this mode while driving the car with the phone sitting in a dashboard cradle. I like to view the distance but the font is too small to read while driving. Is it possible to increase the font size? Also, is it possible to automatically adjust the map scale as one gets closer to the cache, showing both your location and GZ?
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    Nic Hubbard

    Log icons on map popup

    The only issue with this is that it uses "full" caches in order to get that data. For Premium users that isn't too bad since you can load 6,000 full caches per day, but regular users get 3 per day. Also, I wouldn't want to implement this without it being off by default since premium users could pretty quickly use up their caches if they were really exploring around the map. We do have this on our list, but these are the major reasons why it hasn't been added yet.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Use coords from log

    The feature that @rragan mentioned will be coming but not in 3.0. Hoping I can get it added in 3.0.1.
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    Multi-Cache Experience / Trackables

    I am using Cachly some weeks and I have some feature request. At the moment I am not using cachly for multi caches. Why? 1. Starting the navigation in cachly, the app shows just the actual cache on the map. It would be very helpful if Cachly would show the other caches around, too. When doing a multi-cache sometimes there are some other caches (traditionals or solves mysteries) on the way you can log in the meantime. So you don`t miss a cache and don't have to come back. 2. It would be very helpful to have an additional waypoint button on the map, because at the moment you always have to switch back in the cache view and to waypoints and after you created the waypoint you have to navigate back to the map. That is too complicated and is frustrating. 3. For multi-caches it is helpul to have an projection feature. In many cases you have to go for xxx meters in xxx degrees. 4. There should be an option of "automatic log" of trackables in the preferences menu. I want to log all my trackables as "visit" in each cache. At the moment I have to do this manually. Thanks
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    Trackable dropped / visited

    You can do that already. Click All Visited and then swipe the ones you do not want to the left and toast delete
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    Send all logs

    When saving logs or field notes for later. Can it be done to choose "send all" when coming home? It takes som time to send 1 at the time when sending 20+ field notes
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    Offline enhancements

    As another new Cachly user, coming from long term GeoSphere usage, there's a few things I used to use all the time in GeoSphere that I'm missing in Cachly, especially with Offline caches. With GeoSphere, I was able to import my whole GSAK database (40,000+ caches) in to the app, and while it wouldn't show them all at once (limit was 8000), I was able to use filters on the offline lists to display subsets of caches (ie, just Unknowns, just those with Corrected Coordinates, just T5 caches, only caches within X distance, etc). I can't seem to see any way of: - having this many caches in Cachly without it crashing when accessing a large list - filtering a list to show a certain subset of caches - hiding my Found caches if they're present in my list - the "List" of offline caches doesn't seem to reflect in any way my current distance from the caches If any of the above can be done already and I'm just missing something, then I'd be grateful to learn how. Thanks for otherwise what appears so far (only 1 day's usage, with some swapping back and forth to the old app) a great app!
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    Turn GPS On/Off

    I'd heard on the Geosphere Forums that your customer support was second to none and now I know the rumours are true!! I hadn't properly connected the Location icon with the GPS as I was under the impression that Location came from multiple sources (incl internet routers, wifi & GPS). If it's that clearcut, then you've just locked me onto another important tool for managing battery performance in the field. Thanks also for the Airplane Mode tip - hadn't hooked into that one either!! Think I'll go back to the Geosphere Forum now and see if I can drum up some more customers for you - you deserve them