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  1. Hi Nic Yes that is perfect, it just wasn’t very clear, we all assumed that you would have to select a log type for each one. We are using the templates now, they really help.
  2. The new text templates are a great addition to Cachly and I wondered if it would be possible in the future with an update to allow multiple templates for the same categories. This feature is something that I found very helpful in similar apps which allows the user to select different found it logs templates etc for various cache’s which greatly helps and speeds up the logging process. What are everyone’s thoughts?
  3. Brilliant that was quick and the update has speeded things up, thanks once again
  4. I have around 5000 caches saved in the off line lists and around 700 pending logs.
  5. Since updating Cachly to 3.0 I have found that when switching between the various settings to be very slow and lagging compared to the old version, is anyone else experiencing the same issues.
  6. Firstly congratulations on the new update 3.0, the new features are really helpful and a great addition to Cachly. The send all pending logs is a massive improvement but I'm wondering if there are any plans in the future to select individual cache's to bulk log.
  7. What are your thoughts of bulk highlighting cache's. At the moment I use the feature in Cachly via GSAK with user flags ticked to highlight a number of certain cache's but think this feature would be very useful if you can bulk highlight cache's that you have filtered straight from Cachly.
  8. I had the same problem again today and had to keep switching to airplane mode for the final multi coordinates to be saved.
  9. The corrected coordinates wouldn't save and displayed "network timed out" or something like that, I will take some screen shots if it happens again.
  10. Today I tried to correct the coordinates of a number of multi cache's but found that the coordinates wouldn't update as I had no network coverage. The majority of the cache's that I enjoy finding are in rural locations that often doesn't have any network coverage and I wondered if I was doing something wrong? although it works fine when a network coverage is available.
  11. Would it be possible to add a feature that displays to the user the number of cache's that they have found each day (date) which are in the pending logs section.
  12. I haven't explained the question very well. When you mark a cache as found in Cachly it displays a white tick that still can be seen on the map and changes to a smiley once a log has been sent. I don't mean cache's that have been found previously and logged as these are filtered out already via the live search settings or when generating a PQ on geocaching.com. Hopefully this explains things better?
  13. I can't see that option for offline lists that are saved?
  14. What are your thoughts of removing found cache's from the map or having a user setting to remove them. In areas where there are lots of cache's displayed on the map, I think it would be easier to see what cache's are left to find if the cache's that are found disappear from the map once they are marked as found.
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