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  1. That would make it far better indeed! I like it!
  2. Just wondering here... but a DNF gives a sad smiley in color blue as a standard indicator on the map... wouldn't it be better/more consistent to also have a blue dot in the cache overview page then? Now the DNF is a dark red color... pretty close to the orange and red colors for disabled and needs maintenance. just my 2cents...
  3. Is it possible to have Cachly auto zoom to a cache when in "rotation mode"... I mean when navigating to a cache and hit the bottom right icon twice, you get the maps rotating into you walking direction but then you loose the auto zoom mode... You now need to manually zoom in and 9 out of 10 you will lose the "rotation mode"... Did I miss some setting perhaps? Or is it not available? thx!
  4. Wow, that is fast and yes, exactly what I meant ! thx Nic
  5. Ah, thx, I did search for this in the forum but apparently not good enough
  6. I just started to use Cachly, used L4C previously, like Cachly better! Thing missing for me is the option to add a WP (while doing a multi f.e.) based on a projection (giving bearing and distance). in L4C you can add a WP where you pick the point from which you want the projection to be calculated ( incl. other already stored WPs or current location), give bearing and distance and it will calculate and create the "WP+1" for you... I hope you understand I am asking for More then happy to explain in more details! thx!
  7. Would it be possible to show the event date in the listing directly? That way you can see the dates directly without the need to tab every event first one by one. if we then could also sort on that date that would give you a list of upcoming events...or make that the default perhaps even... thx !
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