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  1. The workaround I use for this is to copy the text from the cache descrition and paste it in to the cache note - then I can just edit and add the extra info where I need to without needing to swap back and forth.
  2. The whole "Benchmarking" thing seems to be very US orientated. So not a lot of use for this in any other part of the world. Many of the similar things for other countries appear to be listed as "Waymarks" though, but the Waymarks also include rubbish such as your local fast food outlet so isn't anywhere near as exciting. The waymarking web site is just as bad for trying to find and log them on as well. Perhaps groudspeak need to consider a big revamp of these other things, and perhaps a merge of them all in to a single source (ie - make them all "geocaches" but have a different cache type for the Benchmarks/Waymarks). They'd probably have to do a lot of work pruning out some of the rubbish though, I know that there are landmarks that have many "waymarks" for the same thing. Not to mention that geocaching.com is very anti-advertising or promoting other companies or products, yet a Waymark can be for your local McDonalds so there's a bit of a conflict there they'd need to resolve.
  3. I've heard a lot of positive reports about Geeoh Live from Android users around here.
  4. For me, it was pretty much like this (which is my usual caching behaviour): 1) Using Cachly in offline mode (with offline maps if that makes any difference, but probably not) 2) Find a cache and log a Found, visit a TB or two, then click Save at the top of the screen. 3) Repeat the above a few times, perhaps closing the app and using other apps, or putting phone in standby with power button while walking between them. 4) After logging a few, open up the Pending Logs, and there will be one without the same info as the rest (missing Date, Log Type, Message).
  5. I'm also facing this issue, and relatively frequently. I had it happen three times today. the only way to fix the cache with an issue is to delete the log and then recreate it. Any attempt to edit the log that has lost the data causes the app to crash.
  6. Maybe I'm missing what you're trying to explain, but when logging a cache, there is a ... menu at the top right corner of the Inventory screen where you can then select "All Dropped Off", or "All Visited".
  7. I'd also made a similar comment in another thread a while ago on a similar topic.. Being able to see all the waypoints for all the caches, along with the actual cache locations, and all the relevant 161m circles. was always a useful feature of one of the older apps I used to use - especially when out and hiding a cache - you could make sure you were not putting it in a place where there was a physical waypoint of a multiocache (assuming one has the waypoints available in their database of course). Being able to toggle these on for such an occasion would be useful. Similarly, having a lot of the waypoints appear on the map can also help show you places you may need to visit in the area you are currently caching in that belong to another cache elsewhere. We have a few multi caches around where I am that have waypoints scattered all over the city, or some that have many stops along interstate roads over 100s of kilometres. It's a real pain when you find out you've driven past one where you needed to collect some information as the waypoint didn't appear on the map at the time.
  8. I'll add another vote to this old post and the request to have this altered. I use Cachly almost 100% in Offline mode (using offline lists and the offline vector maps). One of the things I find annoying is that every time I launch the app, it opens to the "Live" screen and I have to swap it each and every time to the Offline screen/list. It would be great to have a setting to allow a change in this behaviour so that users could select which screen I wanted to come up as default if they didn't want the "Live" screen every time.
  9. Cachly displays GSAK notes when a GPX file containing them has been imported, however the text is all squashed up and shows as a single, wrapping, line of text. Is it possible to have Cachly preserve the line breaks that may be in the GSAK note. This would make the readability of the note much easier
  10. A third party developer doesn't have access to the Groundspeak databases to be able to check that the entered coordinate is correct for any of the existing caches. If you could just make an API call to get the final location of a cache, then puzzles wouldn't be much of a challenge at all. For any new caches, having cachly being the only way to check a coordinate restricts too much of the population of cachers (all those that don't have an Apple device), so there wouldn't be any point in doing this either and excluding the majority of the geocaching community. With many checkers already in existence (Geochecker, Geocheck, Certitude, or Groundspeak's own one), there are plenty of existing checkers for a CO to chose from, and not a lot of point in @Nic Hubbard spending time developing yet another one, taking his time away from fixing other more important things with the app which benefit a greater proportion of the Cachly users.
  11. AnyMules

    FTF bug?

    It might not happen often, but it probably should be accounted for when looking at the code for this sort of thing - what about something with a corrected coordinate, that is waiting for a FTF, but you have also logged a DNF on. I had one of these the other day
  12. I've seen that on some caches where they have a final waypoint listed with a N000 00.000 E000 00.000 coordinate (there's a multi near me which does this - GC569ZP) even when I have put in a corrected coordinate.
  13. Trackables aren't currently managed off-line - they're always on-line, so don't work at all when you're in an off-line mode with no phone coverage. This is one of those features that I'd love to see implemented, so that you can log/visit/drop off a trackable when off-line. There have been some other threads about this before such as: http://www.cach.ly/support/index.php?/topic/695-offline-trackables I'd also like to see something along the lines of a "visit list" which could contain just a sub-group of the trackables in the inventory that could be visited instead of having to add them individually, or "add all" and remove the ones you don't want to visit.
  14. Perhaps there could be an option for an upload of a cache note to be handled similarly to a pending / offline cache log. So that the cache note can be edited and go in to a pending list that could be reviewed before approving the upload. I too have been caught out a couple of times where I've written a huge note, then not had it save/upload, losing all that I'd written. I use this a lot when doing earthcaches where I copy and paste the questions in the the cache note, then fill in my answers under the questions while in the field. Saves switching back and forth to the cache description screen.
  15. As @Bolling pointed out, Cachly isn't designed to be a Mystery Checker, and would not know the final coordinates to all the caches to be able to check for a right answer or not. Groundspeak has recently introduced a new checker on to their web site that COs can chose to use if they don't want to use one of the others that are available out there. Some of the third party ones can show you who has entered the correct coordinates if you allow them to).
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