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  1. Hi Nick Thank you for the new update of Cachly, looking very good however there are two things I still feel would make a great addition to the app. 1) Selective bulk logging - I know that you have bulk logging but this is only for sending ALL logs in one go but selective logging would be great, I am behind with logging my geocache finds and as I only write logs as I get time I don't write a log for every log in my pending logs so it would be great to send the logs I write in one go rather than having to send these one by one. 2) Navigation - When navigating to a geocache you can only see that one cache on the map, what I think would be good is to view ALL the caches in that search/offline list on the map too whilst navigating to your chosen cache, that way if you pass a cache by you are aware of it's presence, I often base my caching around target caches with an open mind of picking up extras along the way but find this hard to do when the navigation map only shows the cache I am navigating too. Thanks again for the update, and I look forward to your response. ThePinkTeaspoon
  2. With the proposed bulk logging is it a case of the app sending all pending logs or will the user be able to select which logs they would just like to send?
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