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  1. When viewing a cache, and you select the ellipses menu and ‘View on geocaching.com’, the page opens in a mini browser and you’re not authenticated. You need to tap the browser icon to open the Safari app. Is there a way to have Cachly always open in the Safari app instead? p.s. actually I’d love an option to disable that mini browser in all apps!
  2. Cachly 8 introduced a long press on the map filter to quickly enable/disable the filters. Would be cool/consistent to have this for the log filtering as well.
  3. OK, that mostly worked thanks. the pocket queries didn't get a tick beside them, so I had to manually track which ones I'd downloaded. there's more than 16,000 caches so I couldn't update them all… how can I continue the update in 24 hours? I tried a few filters like Date Last Updated, No Logs, and No Waypoints* *Looks like a bug in 8.0.2: with a filter of Has Waypoints = no, Cachly shows caches from all lists, rather than just the one I'm currently in. 'Showing 101,945 of 16,639'
  4. Is there a way to bulk import GPX files? I have 23 PQs I've downloaded as zip files (because of the bug importing PQs which causes them to hang). I've tried importing from within Cachly, and Sharing from Files, but those methods only import one / the first file. Thanks
  5. It's not HTML, just '[br]' for a line break. We've needed to use it since geocaching.com stopped rendering the line breaks. I'm seeing it too, e.g. my GCACD0M Fly like a Pekapeka (Wellington)
  6. Since a very early version. Is there a fix I can make, or do I have to reinstall?
  7. Cachly is showing a total of 32 Gig used in its usage screen, but iCloud backup is saying Cachly is taking 106 GB. Is this expected? I only have a 200 GB iCloud plan… Cachly 8.0.1, iOS 17.4.1
  8. I'm not understanding the issue — you can continue using your existing offline maps in the new version for $0, they just won't receive updates.
  9. Published.zip from last month but it’s only 21 Meg and I didn’t create it?
  10. Hmm, it downloads fine from the website, so I guess that's my workaround.
  11. In More > Usage > Storage there's an item for Backups, which for me is currently 2 GB. What's this used for, and can I delete it? I've had a look around but can't find any info on it.
  12. The PQs which stall seem consistent, do we know what the trigger is? i.e. is there a way to change the PQ criteria to work around it?
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