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  1. barefootguru

    Pictures will not post from uploaded draft logs

    There’s been some chat on the forums about drafts and pictures https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/391815-uploading-pics-doesnt-work/ https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/391659-completing-drafts-destroys-the-images-saved-in-them/
  2. barefootguru

    Filter by latitude/longitude

    There’s some challenges here which are collecting caches found in different degrees of latitude/longitude. Would be handy if there was a filter to search an offline list for that, e.g. latitude S39 01.xxx, S39 02.xxx (the filter for multis/mysteries should work on the posted coords, not the corrected).
  3. barefootguru

    Download full cache data of more than 50 entries stalls.

    Interesting. Try the old 'halves' trick: create a list with the first 24 and see if that works. Then the second 24. Then keep halving. Alternatively there may be something obvious in one of the notes for the 48.
  4. barefootguru

    Download full cache data of more than 50 entries stalls.

    Might be just you I’m afraid. I download PQs of around 800 caches regularly. I have seen that behaviour occasionally. Can you try from a different network? Cachly 7.1.1
  5. The cache in the screenshot was found (and hosted) by me on the 29th Feb 2020. But when I filter my found offline caches by that date, it doesn’t show. Cachly 7.7.1, iPadOS 16.3.1
  6. If I filter an offline list by a single Date Found By Me, some caches are shown as expected. But if I add some more Date Found By Me filters, with an Or for them, Cachly drops to zero caches (in this case I have 0 caches on the other dates). I’m expecting an Or to always add caches? Cachly 7.1.1, iPadOS 16.3.1
  7. barefootguru

    Refreshing the maps zooms out

    For that second one I think you've found this.
  8. Refreshing just the Personal Note in an offline list doesn’t trigger a database save: Go into an offline list Select a cache which has already been saved offline Tap to go into main overview screen Go into Personal Note Record what’s shown there Tap back to map screen On geocaching.com, edit the Personal Note Back in Cachly, tap on the cache Tap to go into main overview screen Go into Personal Note It’s the old info as expected Go back a screen to main overview Pull down to refresh Go into Personal Note New info as expected Tap back to main map screen Go back into cache Tap into Personal Note Old Personal Note is shown Can work around this by making a small change to the Personal Note after step 15 Cachly 7.1.1 (1), iOS 16.1.1
  9. barefootguru

    DNF filter

    Note if you download the caches for an area to an offline list, you can then filter that list by DNF… offline lists have much more powerful filtering.
  10. barefootguru

    Pocket query doesn't update personal note or images

    Thanks for confirming. So for PQs I need to download, download images, then update caches — that could be improved in a future release :]
  11. barefootguru

    Pocket query doesn't update personal note or images

    Thanks Nic, great to know about the ability to add images. I've just tested the personal notes and they're definitely not being updated. Maybe because it's an existing offline cache? I checked that the notes of an already existing offline cache and the notes on the website were the same I edited the notes on the website to add a line I created a new pocket query which included that cache I downloaded the pocket query, through the '…more' tab, into a new list The notes weren't updated I dragged the cache page down to force a refresh, and the notes were updated Cachly 7.1.1 (1), iOS 16.1
  12. I regularly update my offline lists with pocket queries. From using Cachly (rather than specific testing), it seems images aren't downloaded and personal notes aren't updated? This means I need to rely on cell reception if I want to see images for a cache in an offline list, and personal notes can be out of date.
  13. barefootguru

    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    Would love to see Cachly support CarPlay. While I usually tell Cachly to use Apple Maps to navigate, it would be great to also be able to show the Cachly map with caches directly on the car's screen. Would be useful when gathering a number of caches in an area, rather than setting up Apple Maps to navigate to each one; and also when there's no cellular reception.
  14. barefootguru

    Searching caches doesn't always highlight them

    Clear map on refresh is off. Live map issue is inconsistent, but this will sometimes reproduce it. Seems to be related to searching for a cache which is already on the map. have a bunch of caches loaded tap one tap the info box tap the cache code to copy it back out tap somewhere else on the map to dismiss the info box move the map so the just selected cache is off the screen zoom in paste the cache code into the search box and hit search map will stay in current position, cache isn't selected For offline maps, maybe it's working as intended so a feature request? If I search for a cache code or small number of caches, it would make sense for Cachly to scroll the map to the results.
  15. barefootguru

    Filter for draft finds

    Looking for a way to filter the newly found caches after going on to geocaching.com and submitting the draft logs — turning them into actual finds.