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  1. Hi Chris Maybe it is a problem with the Geocaching website: https://twitter.com/hashtag/PlanetaryPursuit?src=hashtag_click Regards, Michael
  2. Hi I would also like this a lot, see my previous thread: Thanks, Michael
  3. I have the same problem. If I select smaller lists or reduce the number of visible caches and then select ‚Update Visible Caches‘ it works. So maybe the problem only exists if the number of caches to update is too big...
  4. Better handling of multi caches and their waypoints is my most wanted feature. Your suggestions would be a dream come true
  5. I have beta version 3.1.1 (6) installed but don't see/find this feature... What I meant is a new menu entry 'Delete Visible Caches' in the menu below, similar to the existing 'Update Visible Caches': Regards, Michael
  6. Hi It would be very nice to have a 'Delete Visible Caches' in the offline map view, similar to the existing 'Update Visible Caches' feature. Thanks and happy new year Michael
  7. A small problem: If the cache title is very long, the distance indicator gets hidden on the top right. Regards, Michael
  8. I like the proposal of barefootguru: "automatically switching from 'browse' to 'edit' when you tap"
  9. It seems that Cachly 3.1 (9) is always saving the cache notes to geocaching.com even if the caches notes didn't change. This produces unnecessary network traffic. And if I now accidentally change/erase the cache notes, there is no way to cancel the saving
  10. Recently I started to use the saved locations feature and it is really very useful. It would be very nice if the saved locations would be shown on the map when loading an offline list. Currently the locations are shown after I saved them, but when I switch from one offline list to another the saved location pins are gone. I have to select a saved location to see it, but I only see one at a time and nothing else. With all saved locations visible on the offline map, I could easily see all my markers for hotels, restaurants and bars while caching Best regards Michael
  11. Thanks Nic! Never saw that number before
  12. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. What I meant is the number of found caches after doing a Live search. So that for example I know how many caches I have in my search result, especially when pushing the 'load more' button over and over again. This number would be the same as the one that is shown when saving the search result to an offline list. When choosing to download Lite or Full cache data, I see the number of caches that will be stored to the offline list.
  13. Hi It would be nice if there would be a count of the caches found in the Live view. Thanks, Michael
  14. Hi Nic I would be great if the waypoint details (description) would be visible in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode. This cache for example has the following waypoints with a task you have to solve at each waypoint (counting things in this case): But in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode I can't see what I have to do at a certain waypoint, e.g. 'Stage 1': So I have to switch back to the cache detail page and lookup the task of the waypoint. Seeing the waypoint description directly in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode would be much easier And the killer feature would be that I could see the waypoints not only in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode, but already in the normal map view of an offline list (switchable on/off). With this feature I could see on the map if I walk past a waypoint of a multi cache where I have to do something, while going to get a traditional cache Or even planning the optimal route to solve several multis at the same time Thanks for your great work and best regards Michael
  15. I would also like a lot to have flyover maps back Was really cool to see the caches like this.
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