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  1. Ajax

    Navigation using mapy.cz

    You can add custom map tiles, go to Settings -> Map & Layers -> Displayed Map Types, scroll down and select Add Custom Tile Url, and fill: name: mapy.cz URL: https://mapserver.mapy.cz/turist-m/{z}-{x}-{y}
  2. Hmm, OK, but if I can express my feelings, I have always filtered out T5 caches, I don't do them. And if I disable terrain filter, I can see labs, but also, I see lot of caches, which I can't grab. It would be nice if I can show labs and also, do terrain filter. I mean, why remove labs, when filter is applied? I understand, they does not have terrain rating, but if someone want to hide them, there is switch for it. So, my idea is: show them always and if someone don't want to see them, there is already button for it... BTW: lab stages are the best function I have ever seen! Thanks!
  3. Hi! I found strange behavior of cachly. If I set difficulty filter to anything else than 1 -> 5, app does not show lab caches. Is it expected or is it bug? Thanks for answer Ajax
  4. Hello and thanks for answer. I'm from Czech Republic, here is example: aerial tile: https://mapserver.mapy.cz/bing/11-1120-705 label tile: https://mapserver.mapy.cz/hybrid-sparse-m/11-1120-705 In leaflet: map = L.map(canvas, options) layers = [ L.tileLayer('//mapserver.mapy.cz/bing/{z}-{x}-{y}', mapySatMapOptions), L.tileLayer('//mapserver.mapy.cz/hybrid-sparse-m/{z}-{x}-{y}', mapySatMapOptions).bringToFront() ]; for(i = 0; i < layers.length; i++) { map.addLayer(layers[i]); } I'm surprised that I'm alone with this request. Please, consider implementing. Thanks
  5. Hello! Maps in my country has multiple tile layers for one map, for example map data are one png layer and labels are in other png layer. In applications like leaflet I can add multiple tile url under one map. Can I do the same in cachly? Thanks for answer, have a nice day!