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  1. I tried this again last night, but first deleted the app and reinstalled it. The download time reduced to about 4 minutes. Speedtest indicated a download speed of 27.0Mbps. I tried at work today, with a download speed of 35.6Mbps, and the PQ download took 4:02. Also worth noting, deleting and reinstalling the app got rid of a couple of other weird things.
  2. My wifi connection at home seems to be pretty consistent. For comparison, I turned wifi off and downloaded via LTE. Took about the same amount of time - 6:36. For another comparison, I still have an iPhone 4S, and using Geosphere, the download c/w images was 1:56.
  3. Downloading a pocket query in v4.0 seems to take about three times as long as the last version, even without the background image downloading - 6.5 minutes for a 1000 cache PQ. Both iPhone and iPad. Deleting an offline list takes twice as long as before as well.
  4. Automatic sorting by distance for offline lists is still not working in v3.1(19). It's still acting the same way as described in my original post.
  5. Hopefully 3.1 will be the one that finally gets me to let go of Geosphere and upgrade to iOS 11.
  6. I'm still trying to wean myself off Geosphere, so I tried using Cachly again this past weekend. I only use it in offline mode to write logs for the caches that I find using my GPSr. I have sorting set to Ascending and Distance. I also have "Re-sort caches for location updates" toggled ON. When I first start Cachly, the list is sorted properly, with the closest cache at the top of the list. Then as I move along, the sorting does not change when another cache becomes the closest one. Yet, I can see the distance to each cache change every second or so. The only ways I've found to get the list sorted properly, is to "Sort Caches" and "Done", or shut Cachly down and start again. I find an auto-sort feature essential so that I don't have to search the list for the cache I want to log, or constantly do manual re-sorts as I'm moving along. Back to Geosphere again, for now, but that's a short-lived option with iOS 11 looming. I've attached a screen shot of the list after a short drive. The closest cache is the 3rd one down.
  7. iPhone 6. 1000 caches - my weekly PQ of caches closest to home.
  8. I'm trying Cachly again since it's been upgraded to V3. I'm currently using 3.0.2 (4). I prefer using offline lists and noticed something unusual. The gear icon keeps turning and flashing in the centre of the screen, whether I am in list view or map view. I believe this has something to do with "Re-sort caches for location updates" in settings. I have this toggled on because I like to have the offline list always showing the nearest cache at the top. I find the constant flashing of the gear icon annoying though. Coming from the Geosphere platform, I find this curious, as it never happened in that app. Is there a way to suppress it?
  9. Just tried it. OK, now that is cool! I didn't need to initiate any kind of an upload or anything else. It's practically immediate.
  10. Yup, that works. Is there a way to upload a Cache Note only?
  11. Is there any way to add a Cache Note to a cache in the Pending Logs list? I wanted to add the final co-ords (as a cache note) of a multi after I had marked it as found and typed in my log, but I couldn't see a way to do it. The option appears in the Live List and the Offline List, but not in the Pending Logs list.
  12. I can repeat this in any offline list. In the search bar, just type in any word in the cache name at the top of the list, but change the case of any character. That cache won't show up.
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