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  1. Compliment, the " merry Christmas" smileys made me smile too. Thank you.
  2. I had it since October 2017, not that long. I downloaded some maps for off line use, could that be the reason for it?
  3. I deleted the programme and installed it fresh and now it works much faster. :-) Even though I had the most recent version it took forever, no idea why it did that, maybe something went wrong with the first try. I just have to get my Lists back in order, no problem.
  4. Uiii, autsch... It always took long (when I first got cachly), so I accepted that fact from the beginning and was sad. I have 20 off-line-lists and was afraid that the many lists are the reason for being slow. Also opening an off line list takes a while, I assumed having 4000 and more caches in one list might cause that. What are the top limits for caches in one list?
  5. Also, if this is a group of caches filtered our of an off line list, could I add the complete filtered group into a different existing or even new list? Or do I have to do that one by one? For example If one existing group is to large and I would like to separate some caches into an other group (all off-line).
  6. One more Issue I noticed: It usually took some time (10 to 15 minutes) to download a PQ with 1000 caches, no photos (I tested it with different internet connections). Recently it took 40 minutes for the same PQ and today it took over 1 hour so I eliminated the download (direct download from GC.com). Is there a faster way to download PQ? Is it supposed to take that long? Are there some tips and tricks?
  7. I just wanted to ask about this, when I noticed that this error was already mentioned. The "found" or "DNF" disappears, which stops the upload. It happened quite often recently, in addition the date turns to the year 2000. I was afraid that this happened, because I was travelling to an other time zone. But it also happened in may home area without the challenge of the time zone. Mysterious.
  8. This would be grat.... that is the main thing I am missing in cachly right now. I am searching for an App that is able to do that. I would love to see that on/off button for all waypoints in cachly!
  9. @1 - for now I help myself to create Temp folders (similar to the "smart folders" in Icaching), where I merge the offline folders when needed. For example I keep my solved mystys in PQ 1 and Caches without mystys in PQ 2. When I need it I create a new Temp folder, merge PQ 1 and PQ 2 into it and delete the Temp folder (not the origin PQ 1 and 2) later when I don't need it anymore. Might not be the fastest way, I admit I also miss that feature from Geosphere, but it works for now and takes only a couple of days to get used to :-)
  10. Would it be possible to see the own log on the cache file? Usually when I am asked "can you give me a hint" I will look up the cache first, if I don't remember things about it, I will search for my log to help me remind where I found it. In cachly I only see 5 logs, there is no button to let me download more logs to read (I can live with that), but it would be nice, that my own log is appended in this 5 logs when I have found that cache and logged it before. The logs button to search for all logs will only help, if I have found a couple of caches, but after a couple of hundred it is impossible to find the correct log to help out someone. Would it be possible to append the own log to the cache (when downloaded for offline viewing) or to link it somehow? Was my explanation too confusing :-P
  11. I might need reeding glasses or a bigger screen :-) ...correct, I forgot that Hints are text only, my bad.
  12. Changing the size in the settings do not show any effect in cachly, but on most of the other programmes. Same thing when setting it to "bold", it effects most apps, but not cachly (the bold text is not nice to read anyway). There is no zoom-feature in the Text area of the cache description or the hint? There is a zoom-feature (two finger stretch) in the web-window, which is nice. The portrait-lock/unlock to see the window in landscape mode does also not work with cachly, is that correct? I just noticed the Source-window... i like that. ...one more thing: the hint does not have a text / web / source window.
  13. I love the idea to have a daily count of the field notes and also of the cache notes (Persönliche), it makes things easier to find after weeks and months and it gives a chance to compare a day-trip with my team to find out, if someone missed to log something. Also in the screen shot it shows the title (and a GC code). Now in cachly the logs are named by GC code only, I never know what log refers to what cache without looking it up online to find the title. So... I am looking forward to the update :-)
  14. I like that Idea: I would like to have a switch on/off button for additional waypoints. Sometimes while hiking an area you come by stages of a Multicache and may only find out later, that you had been on the exactly spot just an hour ago to missed the question to an answer, because only the Traditionals were shown.
  15. May I ask you how you enlarge the font size for, like the hint or the cache description? I had a hint request recently and was not able to read the small text in the hint. I tried to enlarge it somehow or to zoom in, but it will not zoom (two finger stretching apart). Is there a possibility to choose a larger font or to zoom in.
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