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  1. DavSteph42

    Navigate mode

    Hello,is it possible to see when I'm in navigate mode the other caches around my destination. Does this function exist? Currently we only see a red line between the starting point and the arrival cache. Thank.
  2. DavSteph42

    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    Yes i can route with Plan in my carplay.
  3. DavSteph42

    Would be nice

    I saw that we could do log type by type of discovery (found it, DNF, will attend ...) But how to make several for a single type of log?
  4. DavSteph42

    Would be nice

    For exemple i have 20 pending log, I would like to be able to select 12 Log and send them at the same time with a general log
  5. DavSteph42

    Would be nice

    Hi, 2 news that I would see: - Be able to select from the list of logs to send a group of caches (typically a series or a trail) to make a global log. Currently we can only send all pending signatures. - To be able to create pre-defined groups of travel bugs (personnal TB for exemple) Thank you David from France.
  6. DavSteph42

    App crash

    Hi the app crash all the Time when i choose « show more travel bugs » in log option i use iOS 11 and last beta. Problem was same with latest release david
  7. DavSteph42

    Cachly & iOS beta 11 not working

    No problem with IOS 11 and Iphone 6.
  8. DavSteph42

    Log friends

    Hi, is it possible in next release see friends logs directly in select cache ?
  9. Hello, I would like the possibility to recover my iphone log offline to edit them on my ipad. But I notice that there is no synchronization between cachly installed on an Iphone and an Ipad It would be a good idea to update Thank
  10. DavSteph42

    Five last logs

    Yes it that i want say ;-) Seeing immediatly the 5 last green or red dots.
  11. DavSteph42

    Five last logs

    Hi. Is it possible in a future version to have the last 5 types of log displayed as a green or red dot in the frame when you click once on the cache? It will be great under type box. Thank