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    I tried a 4 year old „Introduction to cachly“ on YouTube, made by a Scotsman, and although a bit older, it helped here and there. What helped even more was asking a friend to try out logging his cache and him not wondering about the funny things that might happen - so I could log found, post DNF, add a coin and remove... - kind of personal intro. The rest worked out in the field then, asking my friends to be a bit more patient as I needed to find out how things worked...
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    No, as the pointer is specifically a heading indicator, which GPS course cannot do. Think about if you are standing close to a geocache, rotating your body looking for the cache, the compass will provide correction direction for the pointer in relation the tip of your phone, so when looking at the map you know exactly which way you are facing. GPS course cannot do this unless the user walks for a distance.
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    For whatever reason, iOS is inserting this. It has been fixed and will be in our 7.0 version.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Log Template Auto-Count skips numbers

    This will be fixed in our next minor update. There will also be a new keyword in our 7.0 version that will exclude geocaching.com Drafts from the count.
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    Hello and thanks for the great app and maintenance. I see there potential for streamlining the Pending Logs list. When swiping a pending log to the left, the 'Options' and 'Delete' tab show up. Though, as far as I can see, when going on 'Options' it always only gives 'View Cache' as next selection. I tried it with several cache types (Trad, Multi, WherIgo, Earth, Event, CITO), and it's always the same, so perhaps the 'Options' could be turned into 'View Cache' reducing the need for one more klick. Just a suggestion, in case there is indeed no other use for the options. Best regards
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    This is not something that I would use the GPS "course" data for. That is only for when you are moving that it will show the correct direction of movement. The heading indicator is not this. It requires the compass because you can stand stationary in one location and rotate and the course indicator will change using the compass to point you in the direction of the cache based on the top of your device. This is not something that GPS course direction can do, as it doesn't update when a user rotates a compass. I think we should just move on from this topic, unless you have another specific question, as I feel this is getting a bit heated. Thanks.
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    There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Geocachers using the various geocaching apps on mobile devices, as well as over 5 years worth of happy Cachly customers. We haven't ever had this issue reported, so that is why I was thinking it could be an issue with the device itself.