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  1. stealthcat

    GPX track import

    Hi, is there already a way to import gpx tracks into cachly, not just a gpx with cache locations? That would be outstanding. Best regards Markus
  2. stealthcat

    Alert when approching a cache

    A nice feature would be an alert when getting in a specified range of an cache. This might be very usefull when hiking a cache trail without having to watch the display all the time.
  3. stealthcat

    Lock Screen Rotation

    In Cachly V.4 there is a setting called "lock screen rotation". So far so good, but the setting has no effect. When switched ON, the screen still rotates when i rotate my phone. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  4. stealthcat

    Saved locations -> Export

    Hello, maybe you might help me with the "saved Locations" feature. It would be very usefull, for example when planing a new own multicache. Now i have 20 locations (multicache-stages) saved, but i donĀ“t see a way to export them all into one gpx file. Is there any way right now with the actual version of cachly? Thank you very much in advance. Markus