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  1. ShoesBologna

    *|find_count|* in Log Templates

    Exact same. Standing by.
  2. ShoesBologna

    Google Maps in 4.3?

    Thanks for the link. I know you guys are always working your hardest. We'll make due until the update. Keep doing what you're doing, you guys are great.
  3. ShoesBologna

    Header Indicator Not Pointing in Correct Direction

    I am also having this problem. I've been trying to get my compass to calibrate by turning off/on location services for the compass. My actual compass app seems to be correct, but my heading indicator is 180 out. Ill keep an eye on it.
  4. ShoesBologna

    Smiles above GC

    It would be nice, while in map view, when you click on a cache and you get the rectangle view with the abbreviated information, if the smiles (found/dnf) was displayed above the GC. It would prevent having to actually click on the cache to see what the recent activity has been.
  5. ShoesBologna

    Found cache count in Live view

    I would actually like to see that number in the list view. Total finds, and DNF's would be nice. Gives context.
  6. ShoesBologna

    DNF color in overview screen

    Love it!
  7. ShoesBologna

    DNF color in overview screen

    No I haven't. Where is it?
  8. ShoesBologna

    DNF color in overview screen

  9. ShoesBologna

    Cachly is Huge

    I thought that I did. I even rebooted, and then looked. And I tried it on three devices. I'll work with it again tonight and see if I can reproduce.
  10. ShoesBologna

    Cachly is Huge

    Cachly version number: 2.0.3(4) 10.2.1 iPhone 6 Screen Premium member So, I got a notification on my iphone that I was low on storage space-->so I went to check it out: settings, general, storage & icloud usage, manage storage--> and cachly said that it was 5.5 gigs. Weird I thought, so I went to delete offline list that I didn't need anymore (from other countries). No change in size. Went to off line maps, deleted Japan (the only one I had) and still no change. Rebooted phone, no change. deleted cachly, downloaded it again, 22mb. Redownloaded Japan maps (supposed to be under 600mp), after it was finished, cachly said that it was almost 950. Did all of this to my iPad, and my wife's iPhone 5S...same story.
  11. ShoesBologna

    Find/DNF Count on cache

    No problemo. Like I said, it's something that has only ever been a issue once, and I was able to figure it out.
  12. ShoesBologna

    Find/DNF Count on cache

    Adding total find, DNF OM, NM, counts might be useful somewhere. I've only really ever wanted to find this information on several outings, and ended up viewing on geocaching.com to accomplish what I wanted. It might be nice though to have it in the "Additional Information" section of the cache. If you were to want it displayed on the main cache page, it might be less clutter if added to the banner after click on "Logs" kind of up at the top. So it would look like [ Smile # DNF # "Logs" OM # NM#] Just a thought. Converted a couple more geocachers into believers today at an event. It's not even hard to get people using your app. Love what you guys do. Cache on.
  13. ShoesBologna

    My Multi's Waypoints

    That's correct. Not a big deal. It just came up when I was doing a bunch of cache maint.
  14. ShoesBologna

    My Multi's Waypoints

    So, I have the final located in the cache. It's how the reviewer approved it. If I click on that link for final location, it will show me the coords.
  15. ShoesBologna

    My Multi's Waypoints