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  1. Bolling

    Import of .ggz and .db3 files

    Just curios why you want to import a .ggz. Isn't it just a .gpx in a specific format for Garmin? As for importing the database itself, I can't see how that would ever be worth Nic's time to develop. There would be so much to a database that's not imported.
  2. Bolling

    Request failed

    5.2 is not out yet. It will be released on 7/22.
  3. Bolling

    Hint not updating on lists

    I think this is fixed in V5.2.
  4. Bolling

    Owner filter

    This would have to be an offline filter. The API wouldn't provide enough information for this to be live.
  5. Bolling

    Importing corrected coordinates to gc.com

    Personal notes should sync with geocaching.com. Corrected Coordinates will also sync if marked as a corrected coordinate.
  6. Bolling

    Purge Logs

    In the meantime, if you are a Windows user, you could use GSAK to do this. Export your lists at GPX files and open them in GSAK. Purge the logs and re-import. Of course if you use multiple highlight colors you would lose that if you deleted your lists before import.
  7. Bolling

    refreshing offline list

    That is a logical place to add this option.
  8. Bolling

    GPS accuracy on the map view.

    Not when using Google Maps.
  9. Bolling

    View on Geocaching.com

    @Twinklekitkat I am also on 11.4.1. I agree, I did not get the coord link as @rragan showed. I followed the instructions that @ACME WildCachers posted.
  10. Bolling

    View on Geocaching.com

    Thanks @ACME WildCachers That solution appears to have worked for me. I stand corrected in my initial response to @Twinklekitkat.
  11. Bolling

    View on Geocaching.com

    In email I can bypass the official app. I have Spark app for email and set the default browser fire the app as Firefox so it seems to bypass the app overtake.
  12. Bolling

    Add button on trackables to switch map

    Ok. It's bugged me before. I found it in the forum posted by yours truly in June 2017 but it was in the beta testing discussion not as a formal feature request.
  13. Bolling

    View on Geocaching.com

    For me it works on my iPad since I don't have the official app installed there but on my phone it opens the official app.
  14. Bolling

    Add button on trackables to switch map

    I think this is already on the request list but if not I gave it a vote. This was bugging me last week while traveling.
  15. Bolling

    View on Geocaching.com

    You can't. Apple controls that. The URL is owned by geocaching.com and they've locked it in with Apple to open the app if it is installed.