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  1. PlasmaWave

    Loading a GPX file from other than Dropbox

    Thanks Nic ... I tried rebooting my phone but the downloaded gpx from "Files" app still sticks at the import step in Cachly (screen shot No#1). If I long press the gpx file in the "Files" app, then tap "Compress", the zipped version (see screen shots No#2 & #3) imports perfectly ok. I tried importing several browser generated gpx files into Cachly using my old iPhone6 and mini-iPad, but both are stuck with iOS 12.5.5 so the gpx opens directly into your chosen app rather than downloading into a "Files" app ... both successfully imported the gpx direct from a browser. Set-up: iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 15.0 and Cachly version 7.0.5
  2. PlasmaWave

    Loading a GPX file from other than Dropbox

    Nic, If the fix mentioned was implimented, then it is still not working for my set-up. I just downloaded GC2A9HP gpx from Safari into "Files" then long pressed the file, tapped share, chose Cachly and tried to import into a new off-line list. Only difference from the screen shots I posted earlier is the on-screen message states "Importing" rather than "Processing" ... the 'wheel' is not spinning now. I do manage to import individual caches via the other means you mentioned, but it would be good if this worked too. I tried importing the same individual cache gpx into L4C and it worked fine, so this appears to be a Cahly related issue. My set-up is: iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 15.0 and Cachly version 7.0.5 Thanks ...
  3. PlasmaWave

    Compass button

    I would prefer to keep the present "compass" icon to navigate to the chosen cache ...
  4. PlasmaWave

    Turn by Turn Navigation

    What you are doing initially is correct BUT INSTEAD of tapping the 'stack of papers' (i.e. choice of maps), click the circle with three-dots at top right of the screen, then select Google Maps and the "Google Maps" App will open automatically ... choose from any alternative routes offered and press "Start". I use Cachly's navigate to cache all the time, through the vehicle's "CarPlay". If you are still having problems, check you have the "Google Maps" App installed and that it is working separately from Cachly.
  5. I noticed this strange situation with offline lists before so thought I would ask the possible reason and how to resolve, after seeing FIVE duplicate logs for myself and two other finders plus the same for the reviewer’s publication log on some example caches - all initial logs were generated on the day of publication and involved traditional & mystery caches (Note: a found log by another cacher the following day has no duplicates in the offline list). This phenomenon is showing on all caches I logged from that offline list, but also the same for finders of caches that I didn’t visit/log on that same day. I’m pretty sure the duplicate logs were created/incremented each time I refreshed the offline list, which I did several times whilst walking a new series as I wanted to know if other cachers were around! I have tried rebooting Cachly since, but the duplicates are still showing. I have also since recreated the list in ‘Live View’ (no duplicated logs showing) then saved those same caches to a differently named offline list … the five duplicate logs in the original problematic list are now showing in the new offline list! I refresh offline lists by displaying the list in map view, tap top/right 3-dot menu, then select: ‘Update Caches’ >> ‘All Caches’ >> ‘Full Cache Data’. Am using an iPhone7+ on iOS 14.4.2 and Cachly 6.1.16 (2). Any thoughts and hopefully a solution would be most appreciated. Is this a bug or something I’m somehow causing? Couple screen shots attached for information.
  6. PlasmaWave

    Add an action to "Current location button"

    Many thanks Nic ... hadn't realised moving the map released the 'follow' mode ... that's great and an easy solution to my 'problem'. I guess the Google & Apple Maps function is more logical as they are not used in quite the same way as a geocaching app.
  7. Nic ... Would it be possible to add an action to the "current location button/arrow" on the bottom right of the map screen? Presently first 'tap' of the 'arrow' deep zooms the map to your current location BUT ALSO sets 'follow my location', rather than just centreing the map on 'my location' ... you then have to keep tapping through all the various options to get back to the DEFAULT state of that button. When using this 'find me' function I almost always just want the map to 'centre' on my location without changing its action and would prefer not to deep zoom to my location. Would it be possible to add an action so the FIRST tap of the arrow only centres the map on 'my current location', preferably with the map zoom level remaining unchanged, then a second tap would set the 'follow me' action as present. Thanks. PS: perhaps this should have been posted in the 'New Feature' section
  8. PlasmaWave

    FTF map icon blocks out offline saved found 'ticks'

    Yes think that would be perfect ... thanks Nic
  9. After finding caches and saving the found logs offline, the green map icon changes to show a very useful tick (or blue face for a DNF) ... so far, so good. However when saving offline found logs for new ‘FTF’ labelled caches visited, which of course have no online found logs yet, these still show the ‘FTF’ label (in itself that’s ok) but the FTF label blocks out the user’s offline found tick. When visiting a series of new FTF labelled caches, I am unable to see which I have visited and for which I created offline found logs. Any chance the map icon can be changed to clearly show which FTF labelled caches you have ‘found’ offline? Ideally it would change to a yellow smiley or at least the FTF label replaced by the standard icon with a tick. Not sure if I'm missing how to do this already, or whether it should be a requested feature.
  10. PlasmaWave

    Automatically update caches on a map

    Per my comment in another similar user question, L4C has a 'live rolling' feature that I found very useful when driving ... good to know what caches are close to your route. So the map would be set to follow my location, with caches appearing and disappearing as the map moved. I hadn't realised there was a TP partner limit on number of caches BUT never experienced any problem when using the L4C feature on a journey. It would be really useful to have this as a selectable feature in Cachly.
  11. PlasmaWave

    Bad maps layers

    Brilliant feature for quickly changing between recent/regular maps ... to change between say premium and OS (which is at the bottom of the full list) I had to scroll way down ... very easy to change between my regular maps now! Many thanks and still discovering Cachly features by the day!!
  12. PlasmaWave

    Map refresh

    Coming to Cachly from L4C, one of the first differences I noticed was the 'live' map needed refreshing manually. When you are located in a specific area (usual conditions), this is perfectly fine and it is useful to be able to clear the map then repopulate. Not so convenient however when driving/travelling. L4C 'live' feature populates the map on a 'rolling' basis (similar to the Official App), which I used regularly when driving so I could see what caches were available nearby on the route. I hadn't realised there was a daily limit on TP partner apps, BUT have never had any problems with L4C reaching a limit whilst using the 'rolling' live feature when traveling. It would be great to have the choice of automatic refresh/repoipulate (in addition to present manual) if this could be added to Cachly.
  13. PlasmaWave

    Loading a GPX file from other than Dropbox

    Thanks for quick reply Nic ... for example I tap the “Download” link on a browser cache page. It asks “do you want to download” ... answer yes .... gpx file appears in “Files” (apologise for earlier typo saying “Finds”!). I tap the gpx file in “Files”, it opens the gpx file to show the source code but I can tap the share icon and choose Cachly from the list. Cachly asked where to import to so chose an offline list and a spinning arrow displays “processing”. The file is never imported and the spinning arrow continues until I “cancel” the action. Odd thing is, if I download say MyFinds zip gpx file from GC into “Files”, then long press the zip I’m offered a share/upload option ... select share, choose Cachly and an offline list, then the zip imports successfully. Tried the same long press, share, then Cachly - with the single gpx file and import is not successful. Seems to be single gpx issue for me. Similar process followed in L4C imports the cache data without problem using same iPhone and same gpx file from “Files”. My Cachly version is 6.1.12 (1) and iPhone 7 Plus iOS v14.4.2
  14. PlasmaWave

    Loading a GPX file from other than Dropbox

    From the iPhone, if I download a cache from a browser page or zip file from GC.com (eg MyFinds), iOS these days places the gpx file into “Finds” (no longer given a choice where to save to). When I tap the gpx file in “Finds”, it tries to import into Cachly but the spinning wheel never ends and file is not imported. Is there a solution for this issue? Dropbox is the only import source offered by Cachly (since iTunes has no practical applications tbh), but files from the phone cannot be saved to Dropbox. From GC/browser the user is not given an option to email the file, which I am aware does import ok if you email a gpx file to yourself for example. L4C, which I am in process of changing to Cachly from, offers a “Pick Source” option which includes “Finds” from the iPhone. The gpx files import into L4C without problem, so the problem appears to be Cachly related rather than iOS.
  15. PlasmaWave


    I too am just switching from L4C to Cachly ... the semi-transparent overlaid compass is one of the L4C features I miss most - it can be large or small by tapping. It also displays the distance from gz. Being able to watch the map but see direction and distance from gz all at same time is really useful. The tiny compass that Nic mentioned only shows when the map is in direction of travel and is too small to see from arms length. Also doesn’t show distance from gz.