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  1. Thanks again Nic ... I tried removing all special characters and spaces (for good measure) from my GSAK 'Navigation WP' database 'Code' field and now the Cachly exported version loads into GSAK perfectly. Another step in my learning process, courtesy of you & Cachly. Also found that 'Notepad++' opens gpx files properly, so I can now see line numbers etc.
  2. Looks that other special characters might also be affected. In GSAK I replaced all “&” in the name code field and retested, but GSAK gave same error for a higher line number but it’s difficult for me in Notepad to define exactly where specific line numbers are located … guess you need certain software to open the gpx file and see line numbers. Could your mod include any other special characters that might be affected? For now, I’ll go through my GSAK DB name code field and remove all special characters and probably the spaces. Thanks again. PS: when the Memory Map gpx data was originally imported into GSAK, because there was no GC code it used the first so many characters of the wp name … hence the source of “&” and other special characters
  3. Road classification / differentiation would be a very welcome enhancement for Premium maps. The zoomed well / overview presumably wouldn't be a problem?
  4. Nic, that style looks very like OS so would be brilliant … familiar to UK users. Would that replace the present style or be an additional/alternative premium UK map? Can’t see anyone not liking it, but you can never be sure how change goes down with folks!
  5. Excellent Nic ... easy for me to change in the gpx file and until your Cachly mod is available I could change the GSAK name to avoid "&" Many thanks for your fast solution ... it is really appreciated.
  6. Hi Nic, I did open the gpx file in Notepad but couldn't see anything obvious, but I am not a real programmer ... just an amateur dabbler. No line numbers showing in Notepad so imported the Notepad data into Excel and added row numbers - nothing at row 1151 that I can see looks odd. The gpx file imports OK into memory Map, so is not corrupted, but seems that GSAK doesn't like it's format. Re the 'problem' gpx file exported from Cachly - the 'waypoints' were NOT created as Cachly user geocaches, but originally imported into Cachly via a gpx file from GSAK (wp's were created in Memory Map then exported as a gpx into GSAK for tweaking, before re-exporting as a gpx for Cachly). Overtime I added Cachly waypoints as user geocaches to that offline list and wanted to update the GSAK database, hence the reason for exporting from Cachly. I tried removing the user created geocaches from Cachly then exported a gpx ... with no user created geocache waypoints involved, the GSAK error was the same. In Cachly I then created a few user geocache waypoints in a separate offline list, then exported as a gpx ... that file imported into GSAK perfectly normally. Have e-mailed three files: 1. Cachly exported waypoint gpx file that GSAK fails to import - the waypoints were originally successfully imported into Cachly from a GSAK gpx file 2. Example of gpx file created by GSAK, used as the source for the Cachly offline wp list (I use these wp's for Google Map Navigation when driving) 3. gpx export file for six Cachly user created geocache waypoints from a separate offline list - this gpx loads into GSAK successfully Many thanks for your quick response.
  7. gpx file exported from a Cachly offline list of waypoints used for (driving) navigation fails to import into GSAK - the wp's were originally imported into Cachly from a GSAK generated gpx file, then additional wp's added as "caches". Trying to import the file with additions back into the GSAK db. The Cachly exported gpx file successfully loads into Memory Map ... then if exported as a M-M gpx will import normally into GSAK. This is a workaround but loses the original detailed format. GSAK error message: "This file does not pass XML validation and will be ignored C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\gsak\temp\zip\CACHLY~1.GPX:1151:26: not well-formed (Error number: 3)"
  8. From time to time multiple duplicated reviewer publication and user logs are displayed in offline lists ... this typically involves two or three copies for each log posted, but occasionally I have seen up to five. Regretfully I have never managed to pin down any specific conditions or situations when this occurs, except that I always download live selections of caches into an offline list and work from these offline lists. When the issue occurs, it affects a specific offline list, i.e. not every list saved before or after. I have several lists currently where either two or three copies of each log is shown and another list where only some of the logs are duplicated (in one example, the reviewer pub log and a CO co-ord correction log are duplicated, but user logs are not duplicated). Usually multiple/duplicated logs are NOT reduced to the correct one per posting by refreshing the list (indeed this often increases the number of logs displayed), or by rebooting Cachly or by rebooting the iPhone. Then again, sometimes refreshing an individual cache results in the duplicates disappearing ... seems random though. I have seen this issue from time to time over past (say) couple of years, so appears not to be related to a specific iOS or Cachly version. Edit: I raised this issue with screen shots back in May 2021 - earlier iOS and Cachly versions involved. Title of earlier post: "Duplicate Logs In Offline Lists After Refreshing List" Currently my set-up is currently: iPhone 7 plus using iOS v15.0.2 Cachly v7.0.5
  9. MAP FEATURE REQUEST for UK Premium Maps: Incorporate UK's system of coloured roads, in order to help user differentiation between the various class of roads - base on OS maps. Roads shown on Cachly Premium maps for the UK have only two colours ... blue for motorways and orange (or is it yellow?) for ALL other road types regardless of how major or minor. This makes it difficult for the user to understand what type/class of road they are looking at or driving on. See attached screen shots for Cachly Premium Map compared to OS of same area. OS maps for UK use colours to differentiate between the various road classifications: Motorways = blue 'A' class 'Major Trunk' roads = green 'A' class roads = red 'B' class roads = orange Minor class roads = yellow Unclassified roads = white You might well say to solve this, use the OS map option within Cachly - I already do use OS when nearly at a cache - however there are a couple of very limiting features with using OS maps in Cachly: 1. Internet connection required to download OS tiles 2. Limited OS zoom range - cannot look at a zoomed out overview
  10. FEATURE REQUEST: Add a small semi-transparent compass to top corner of map screen when navigating to a cache or waypoint. We have discussed this before ... see "Looking4Cache" method - preferably, like L4C, the compass would be user selectable: 1. show or hide 2. small or larger 3. adjust level of transparency
  11. Thanks Nic ... I tried rebooting my phone but the downloaded gpx from "Files" app still sticks at the import step in Cachly (screen shot No#1). If I long press the gpx file in the "Files" app, then tap "Compress", the zipped version (see screen shots No#2 & #3) imports perfectly ok. I tried importing several browser generated gpx files into Cachly using my old iPhone6 and mini-iPad, but both are stuck with iOS 12.5.5 so the gpx opens directly into your chosen app rather than downloading into a "Files" app ... both successfully imported the gpx direct from a browser. Set-up: iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 15.0 and Cachly version 7.0.5
  12. Nic, If the fix mentioned was implimented, then it is still not working for my set-up. I just downloaded GC2A9HP gpx from Safari into "Files" then long pressed the file, tapped share, chose Cachly and tried to import into a new off-line list. Only difference from the screen shots I posted earlier is the on-screen message states "Importing" rather than "Processing" ... the 'wheel' is not spinning now. I do manage to import individual caches via the other means you mentioned, but it would be good if this worked too. I tried importing the same individual cache gpx into L4C and it worked fine, so this appears to be a Cahly related issue. My set-up is: iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 15.0 and Cachly version 7.0.5 Thanks ...
  13. I would prefer to keep the present "compass" icon to navigate to the chosen cache ...
  14. What you are doing initially is correct BUT INSTEAD of tapping the 'stack of papers' (i.e. choice of maps), click the circle with three-dots at top right of the screen, then select Google Maps and the "Google Maps" App will open automatically ... choose from any alternative routes offered and press "Start". I use Cachly's navigate to cache all the time, through the vehicle's "CarPlay". If you are still having problems, check you have the "Google Maps" App installed and that it is working separately from Cachly.
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