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  1. I run at a larger size too but maybe 1 less then you, and most things fit fine. If you go to your iPhone (not Cachly) Settings and pull down to search and then enter in Text Size, I run at the setting all the way on the right. That is the largest setting on that screen. if you had gone into the "disabiities" settings and enabled large text there, that would put my text size in the middle of the possible sizes. I suspect that is what your settings are currently enabled. I have no idea if adjusting it down a bit would still be usable for you, even if just while you are using Cachly. Here are some screen shots that show what I referenced above: Cachly log screen with my settings: This is the Text Size setting screen and I have it set all the way to the right: This is the screen after enabling Larger Text in the disabilities option. It puts what was the largest setting in the screen above now in the middle of how large the text could be:
  2. No problem at all. Have a great rest of your weekend.
  3. You can't delete the active map. You need to make a different offline map active or an online map such as Google or Apple and then you should be able to delete any offline map.
  4. I download MO maps and I see the topo/contours in various places such as just south of Jefferson City. If you go to this and zoom in so you see what I show below? I wasn't clear if you also downloaded Washington State and you see the elevations there and just not in your Missouri download?
  5. After you downloaded the base map, did you also download the Extras Contours & Hillshades for the state/region? if not, go back into the maps download area and select North America / United States and under Washington see if there is the download icon for Contour & Hillshades and download that too.
  6. It isn't recommended to use display multiple maps simultaneously as the behavior you reported could occur. This was true even with multiple maps under v7. Is there a specific reason you want multiple maps loaded at the same time?
  7. I’m not the developer. I’m just another Cachly user that finds the product useful and crazy inexpensive for what it provides. You spend more on a liter of fuel to drive to a cache then to get a year of benefits from this product and make it so that the developer can sustain ongoing development. Seems crazy that you don’t pay the small annual fee and move on.
  8. On March 18, this was posted to Facebook, far and away the most active place for discussing Cachly - https://www.facebook.com/share/p/v9i5QJRPvmtyCrRN/?mibextid=K35XfP Betrayed? It is $5!! You didn’t get $5 worth of value since you purchased? I’m not sure where you are located and how things work in your region but I could get a new iphone from my cell carrier if I switched to their service now but I can’t, as an existing customer for 15 years of loyal service paying $200/mo get anything free. $2500/ year * 15 years = $37k paid and I don’t get anything yet someone new that paid them nothing gets a free phone . Hmmmm . The developer worked on this release for 2 years to add all the new features. During those 2 years it cost him tens of thousands of dollars in keeping the maps updated and the fees to allow the downloads you enjoyed. We are talking about $5 as your cost per year to try and help make it less of a burden on the developer who does this for us to have the best app to use in this hobby you probably spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a year. It’s really absurd we are even having this discussion.
  9. “I travel between countries quite frequently” vs $5 . Sounds like a silly discussion to me for a tool that you enjoyed using so it can be properly maintained.
  10. Here's a screenshot of it in action. Long press the coordinates near the top of the page and it will offer the 3 options.
  11. $5 (USD) per year. You spent more of you time telling others you don't want to pay. I'm moving on, but I'd be interested in what application you pick to use that provides the same features and cost less. Let me know.
  12. I guess you don’t pay geocaching HQ every year or your cell carrier so why support the application you use to log the caches for your HQ subscription over your cell carrier subscription .
  13. Team DEMP

    Cachly Pro

    On the main Live screen, tap on the map selection icon near the bottom right of the map. That should display the map selection screen. Tap the top option with the green Pro tag displayed and you should see the subscription screen.
  14. There is no Android version of Cachly and no plans to create an Android version.
  15. Glad you were able to get to the subscription. There are other places throughout the app such as multiple links in settings. I just gave you the quickest way.
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