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  1. Team DEMP

    Search geocaches by name (not working?)

    Name would not be entered in the main search box where the hint text shows "Location, GC Code or coordinates". You can enter the cache name in the filter portion by tapping the funnel icon and it would be the top option.
  2. Team DEMP

    Multiple Questions.

    Not sure of your current state so if you could go to your current location with no filters active, are you able to tap the circling arrows multiple times to load more and more caches? If so add back a filter and continue to check. Have you selected and are navigating to the selected cache? That is when the yellow man icon that will launch the closest street view of the cache location should display.
  3. Team DEMP


    Try a few things... Tap the arrow in the bottom right of the map screen. That should get/set your current location. You also have a filter applied and we can't tell what is being filtered so be a little cautious about the results returned. Tap the white funnel icon at the tap right of your screen to view/adjust your active filter.
  4. Team DEMP

    Don't understand how the pointer works

    In 2005/6 when I got my Garmin 76cx , the high end handled GPSr at the time, it had an electronic compass. I don’t need a pointer when driving. When I’m driving the map directions are guiding me. The pointer and its use of the compass is useful to me as I’m walking/hiking to a cache.
  5. Team DEMP

    Don't understand how the pointer works

    A compass is not a GPS. A compass won't fail because of buildings - a GPS might get multi-path signals that confuse it. A compass is influenced by external factors like a magnet in your case or in a metal cage like a car, while a GPS could work fine in that same situation. The pointer in Cachly relies on the compass functionality in your iPhone. All Cachly is doing is visually showing what your iPhone is telling it. So as a couple of folks here have posted, after you arrive in your car at a cache, if you'd like yo use the pointer, let your phone settle down so the compass is working as it should and direction should be mostly accurate. You can take Cachly out of the equation and just launch the compass app on your phone. Is it showing North on the compass app like you'd expect is due North? If so, switch back to Cachly, holding it flat with the front (top) of your phone pointing straight ahead, walk a few steps and see if the pointer adjusts to where the cache is.
  6. Team DEMP

    Don't understand how the pointer works

    The pointer is using the compass vs GPS/travel direction. It has to do with where the front of the iPhone is pointing and not the direction you are traveling. It is also no so reliable when inside a car as there are lots of metal and electronics. Maybe next time you are out caching, with the phone level in your hand and the front of the phone pointing at the cache, it should point to where you need to go. It might take a min or two to settle down if you pull it from the car.
  7. Team DEMP

    Waypoint letter calculation

    You mentioned that you switch to another app for the above. What app do you switch to that does calculations by entering the number associated with a letter like you described above? What I normally do is paste this into the personal cache note field in Cachly abs capture it all there or sometimes I use the iOS Notes app so that I quickly swap between 2 apps.
  8. Team DEMP

    Apple Watch & GPS Drift

    I would say it could be what Nic noted which also can occur just on the phone itself. I also have read reports of users who updated to iOS 14 seeing unexpected GPS behavior on their watches - https://www.macrumors.com/2020/09/30/apple-watch-iphone-battery-drain-gps/
  9. Team DEMP

    Caches Not Displayed at corrected coordinates

    I see what is occurring in your screen shots but I can't replicate with the same cache and corrected coords. If I load GC1NVKT from an offline list and look at the Waypoints, I see what you posted above. Still, Cachly displays it properly on the map when it loads it from the offline list. Not sure what @Nic Hubbard might think or need to further troubleshoot. Sorry I couldn't figure out the trigger.
  10. Team DEMP

    Caches Not Displayed at corrected coordinates

    I went and solved the puzzle for GC1NVKT and updated the corrected coordinates for it on the geocaching site. I opened the cache in live view in Cachly and it displayed properly. I saved the cache to an offline list and it displays where I'd expect. if you open that cache in the offline list, do the coords on the cache detail screen look like your corrected coords? if you pull down the cache detail screen to refresh the cache, do the coords change after being refreshed?
  11. Team DEMP

    Caches Not Displayed at corrected coordinates

    If you want to share with me via private message the corrected coords for one of those, I can see what it shows for me. Nic (Cachly developer) might need something from you to try and replicate/troubleshoot as it's specific to the corrected coordinate. What does geocaching.com map show when you view that cache with the corrected coordinate? Does it show exactly where it should?
  12. Team DEMP

    Full offline-map of Germany not selectable

    If you tap on the More icon at the bottom right of the main Cachly screen and then select Usage on the next screen, it will show how much space is being used by downloaded maps. Does it show at least 3.1GB which would be the minimum needed for the full Germany download?
  13. Team DEMP

    Full offline-map of Germany not selectable

    The full Germany map is 3.1GB. Did you download that full one? If you wanted all of Germany, that would be the only one you needed to download. The other maps are a subset of the entire country useful if someone might just be in 1 specific region. It could be there was an issue downloading as it is very large. Do you recall seeing that it was successfully downloaded?
  14. Team DEMP

    Full offline-map of Germany not selectable

    In map view, if you single tap on the map layer icon (looks like 3 pieces of stacked paper) toward the bottom right, it should bring up the Map Types screen like I attached here. I have the US Northeast and Florida premium offline maps downloaded. Does your screen show the Germany map? if so, does it have the green check mark to indicate it is selected? If not, tap it to select and then tap Done in the top right of the screen and it should be the active map.
  15. Team DEMP

    Needs Maintenance

    I seem to find more instances, in my caching areas, where the NM indicator is not accurate. Some COs don't always reset or if the CO isn't active but the wet log that generated the NM was replaced, the NM remains for months/years.