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  1. If you are careful in how you apply highlights, you can exclude any already highlighted caches before applying a different color to prevent accidentally changing colors. I have started doing this myself.
  2. Those red pins are actually the default style in the Apple Maps framework. We saw this some during beta testing of 5.0, but it was hard to pin down causes. I know of at least one workflow that will cause this, but anything you can remember about what you did before this happened would help Nic to track it down.
  3. I do the same, but this approach falls short when photos are an important part of the puzzle since they can't be added to the cache note.
  4. For what it's worth, I am running the same version of iOS that you are (though on an iPhone X), so I don't think OS version is the issue. Something else must be going on. Try uninstalling the Geocaching app temporarily. Cachly can't launch it if it's not on your phone. You can reinstall it later, but maybe that will allow you to reset this behavior.
  5. OK, I think I may be able to finish connecting the dots. Cachly's View on Geocaching.com option will match the global iOS behavior for handling geocaching.com or coord.info links. I'm pretty sure when you initially install the Geocaching app, it makes itself the handler of those links because they have the power to do that as owners of those domains (or maybe there's an option right afterward that no one remembers). But I was able to change my preference between Safari or the Geocaching app by long pressing on a hyperlink like @rragan showed in the previous post and then choosing to open in Safari. For me, that option is sticky and iOS uses whatever I last selected globally (including in Cachly when using View on Geocaching.com). Before I started playing around today, my cache links would always open in Safari. After going to an email and then choosing to open in Geocaching app, Cachly started launching the app instead of Safari. And I was able to change it back the same way. Hopefully this works for you, too.
  6. This sounds similar to an issue I've had. My typically weekly PQ is 1000 caches and I typically download it first thing on Friday morning before doing anything else that would use API calls. Two of the last three weeks I've gotten the pause banner at the end of the PQ download. I did not get it last week.
  7. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to jump to my own logs for a cache from the cache details screen, but I would not want the button in the upper left to be the way to do that. I think it would be more confusing if that button suddenly changed to something other than the mechanism to post a log since that's what it has always been.
  8. I have recently been thinking about submitting a very similar request for a mode to make it easier to work on field puzzles. The key to improving this would be the ability to quickly flip back and forth between the cache description and cache note without losing position in either. I was thinking this could be applied as an enhancement to the cache note screen that would keep the description loaded in a collapsed panel that could easily be pulled open and closed. On an iPad there should be enough screen real estate to have both the note and description visible at the same time (maybe even larger screen phones).
  9. Could be related to something I reported a while back.
  10. Completely agree. We won't be able to please everyone. If the very nature of a wiki is unintuitive to someone, there's not much we can do. I did actually push a little harder to understand the struggle and this is what I got back. I think this is potentially valid criticism. I haven't been browsing the wiki recently so maybe we are already doing a relatively good job of this, but cross-linking between pages is an easy win and something we should remain conscious of when making edits. A good rule of thumb is that the first mention of another topic that has content on a separate page should be a link to that other page or a section of the page.
  11. Someone on the Facebook user group indicated the wiki was difficult to navigate, so I asked for specifics. I haven't given this much thought yet, but wanted to pass along the reply: Hyperlink the reference. Or have the full menu in a drop down. Going back to the main page, I forget what I’m looking for. It only shows what’s in the section you’re lookin at, but other menus are mentioned and someone that doesn’t know the app/premium features well, it’s frustrating to have to try and remember what you’re looking for on the main page.
  12. I agree, I don't see a reason to hide the other waypoints even if you specifically chose one from the waypoint list. I've been frustrated by this in the past because I'm in the habit of going through the waypoint list to pick a non-final waypoint rather than using Navigate and changing the target. I would prefer a consistent approach that shows all waypoints for the current cache, regardless of how you started navigation.
  13. I interpreted that page to mean that Wikipedia uses Extension:MobileFrontend. The desktop version still looks like most wikis I've seen, but it also has a mobile-optimized view. Maybe that page is misleading.
  14. I did one Google search and came across this page. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Mobiles,_tablets_and_responsive_design Perhaps an extension would allow you to keep the typical desktop look and also get something better on mobile?
  15. Went with text and no mailto link for now.
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