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  1. Holding the iPhone flat rather than vertical or slanted can help as noted in Apple info. Also right after jumping out of the metal cage (car) it can take a bit before readings settle down. I'm very familiar with your problem of needing to walk where the line points and distance goes down while the compass points elsewhere. https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone/compass-iph1ac0b663/ios
  2. There has been a suggestion of a filter for "last n logs were DNFs". Also take a look at cachetur.no if you are planning trips. It summarizes the caches likely to have problems. It also emails you if there is a status change on a cache in your trip (like disabled or archived)
  3. You can't do this currently. It is on the features wanted list and I think is frequently asked for.
  4. Auto calculating the coordinates as A, B, etc are known is a hard problem if you want the formula and variable names to be discovered. https://heureca.net attempts to do this but there are a lot of multis it cannot handle. I've only ever got the web version to function and when you really want it you would be in the field.
  5. Fines for GDPR violations are huge so I can understand companies being cautious until this recently enacted set of laws is well understood. Erring on the side of caution is prudent albeit a pain for us.
  6. The other thing that can be a problem is if you have Safari stuck in Private mode. Doesn't sound that way as the symptom is needing to login every time you open a cache from email.
  7. I suspect it originates when using the old search page.
  8. iOS 10, up to date with apps. Press lightly on link in mail and get a choice. Choose the app and see coord.info in upper right. Tap that and default changes to web site for me.
  9. Hmm, device, iOS level, apps up to date? I am on iOS 10 so that may matter vs 11
  10. If you manage to switch it from the app to the website, future opens always use the website. Since you don't always get the teensy font in the upper right of the app that says geocaching.com or coord.info you are frustrated. To force seeing that click a coord.info link to a cache from an email (use a new cache notification or just mail yourself such a URL). When it opens in the app, you will see coord.info in the upper right corner. Tap that and it opens on the web page and will open on the web page from then on.
  11. These are two examples where user-defined URLs with some template substitution would let users provide their own integrations with a variety of other apps without Cachly having to build in support for each case.
  12. Where the app will accept a GPX that is usually the best choice.
  13. Normally, app to app communication in iOS is done via custom URL provided by the app. For example, Cachly has URL protocol cachly://...... i found a protocol for Offmaps but since Offmaps2 is a different product you would need to confirm with the developers that they support it or find out what they do support. This is what I found: offmaps://?ll=[LATITUDE],[LONGITUDE]&z=[Zoom Level 3-17]&placemarker=1&placename=[WAYPOINT] I expect this launches Offmaps with a waypoint using the name given at the designated coordinates. You can trying building such a URL in Safari and see if it launches Offmaps2 as an initial test gcbuddy seems to have a custom URL but details are sketchy. gcbuddy://add/cache?id=GC12345&name=A%20test%20cache" Their support can likely provide more info. Assuming you have custom URLs that do what you want, you will need to convince Cachly development to support integration with these other apps In the meantime, you can easily copy the coordinates of a cache by a long press on the Coordinate text. Then you might be able to use the other apps with these coordinates by pasting them. Long press on the GC code in the title will copy it if they want the code.
  14. Sorry it didn't work out. To the best of my knowledge Apple does not provide a way in the App Store to call out the iOS level required to support the Watch App -- only the minimum level for the App. The Cachly wiki does call out WatchOS 4 required. It should further clarify that ios11 or greater is required to support the Watch as users do not generally know what level of WatchOS is supported by what iOS level http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Apple_Watch
  15. I just checked. iOS 11 is not supported on the 5c.
  16. I too am running iOS 10 and don't see the Watch app. Cachly on the watch requires WatchOS 4 which can only be installed from iOS 11. Upgrading to iOS 11 will take care of this.
  17. I thought of the seasoned cachers case but didn't want to make the checking too complex. Sometimes you are just going to hit a DNF for a case like this but I expect they will be uncommon. You still have the logs to show multiple DNFs that you could consult before heading there.
  18. The only sad thing is that after the DNF threshold is reached, no one will go there to make the crucial "needs maintenance" to kick the CO and awaken the reviewer to start the days until archived counter. Some thought is needed though regarding just DNF counts. A group of 3 may not find it on the same day. Should n DNFs on a single day count as 1? I tend to think so. I guess if Needs Maint is the status, DNF icon would not show. Does 1 find override a string of previous DNFs. I think it has to.
  19. Yes, that's what I'm saying. I think it meets his need in that he would just skip those and not even look at them on the map.
  20. How about a post-fetch icon decoration like FTF but saying DNF? It would be an option like FTF is.
  21. How about post-fetch filtering in the Live tab? The only odd thing would be the user asked for 50 and only got 40 since 10 were discarded (or hidden) by the "too many DNFs" filter. The user didn't want to see them anyway. This isn't too far off what you do for FTF marker.
  22. There is quite a bit of room on the Compass screen which might well be in use when you want to know about GPS health. GS had a GPS indicator.
  23. I'd say last settings remain until explicitly changed.
  24. It's these small changes that largely go unnoticed that give the feeling of "Wow, it all works so smoothly"
  25. Geocaching.com might have been having troubles. I've not heard of any but I wasn't using the site much today.
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