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  1. Fair enough,but the issue I have is that this is a setting that is frequently changed. Maybe we could bring to the top of the settings, rather than scrolling all the way down
  2. Just a small request but could we get the text templates moved to a more prominent spot? Rather than diving a couple of levels in through settings? Would be good though have a direct link on the main “more” menu
  3. Cheers. Have added a comment to that thread.
  4. This is a good idea. Filter caches with recent DNFs. Will add this to our list. Should also allow other types of logs such as NM, NA, Temp Disable, and reviewer note. Love this concept.
  5. It would be great if could add a filter to look for log types. When scouting an area to cache, I’d like to be able to identify caches with a DNF, NM or NA on it as the last log. Going in and out of each cache is quite time consuming Would also probably need the ability to add reviewer note and temp disabled as well.
  6. That’s exactly how I do it. Download all of WA in about 12 PQs. I run by date range so I run the latest date daily and import before I head out. Merge inTo a fThat works really well for me. If you use GSAK, you can also create all caches to a single GPX and then import via Dropbox. Work also allows me to travel so I run radius PQs for the areas I visit in other states and merge those as well.
  7. Nic, was there any update with the ability to LOG GCA via Cachly. This would be amazing if you had any joy with the admin at GCA
  8. No, but if the app can recognise the cacher name, then find that cacher in your contact list if it exists and return a link to the phone number, then that’s what I meant.
  9. OK, excellent. SUPERWISH time. How about when reviewing logs on a cache, as you through, if there is a phone number stored against a previous finder, it shows the icon and you can dial from there? Now THAT would be cool
  10. I have a number of caching friend as husband/wife team. A seperate number for both. So would like the option of calling either as their log will often mention which member found the cache.
  11. This is the screen I was talking about.
  12. Then that would be cool. Especially as 95%of my caching is offline. Regardless of reception.
  13. Excellent. I know have a weekend job to edit all my contacts and check the names match GC format and spelling how will it handle multiple contact for a team ?
  14. Will this feature search the username in other fields of contacts ? I tend to put “Geocaxher teamname” in as the company. Some of my caching friends.
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