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  2. It's not HTML, just '[br]' for a line break. We've needed to use it since geocaching.com stopped rendering the line breaks. I'm seeing it too, e.g. my GCACD0M Fly like a Pekapeka (Wellington)
  3. That would be a nice enhancement.
  4. It should probably read something like “Offline Lists Backups”.
  5. Thanks again, for everything. I really appreciate all you do. It is a sort of rare thing when a developer really addresses players concerns, and I know the community really appreciates it as well.
  6. That would be really awesome. The coords for Rockwoods Reservation are N 38° 34.002 W 090° 40.233
  7. Thank you so much for the speedy response Nic! That seems to have done the job - Documents & Data are down to 4.8 (Offline Maps are 1.3) for an overall size of 5.24. I am hoping to get out this afternoon after work and give it a try in the field and see if it behaves itself (since it was during my usage in the field on Saturday that the strange increasing storage phenomenon occurred).
  8. I would need to regenerate the topo maps and hillshades to provide more detail, but not sure when I will get to that. what are the coordinates for this location?
  9. No worries. There are some bugs that have arisen that we didn't catch in development, but I am working hard to get these fixed in 8.0.2.
  10. You can just delete the Antartica map and that will free up your space. The reason you are seeing it is that in the past, you must have download Antartica and it failed to uncompress (likely because the download was in the background) and was hidden in your filesystem. Cachly 8.0 will uncompress these and place these in your maps folder so that you have the option to remove them or leave them. Let me know if deleting it clears up space for you.
  11. I was able to figure out how to add the lists back in one at a time. So will be more careful about using iTunes in the future. I did not back up the database through iTunes because I thought I was backing up the data base through the app because the message says “create backup.” I find this label confusing. It would be nice maybe to have a note or something detailing that the backup is only for .gpx files. Or did I miss that? I deleted cachly because whenever there is a big update to an app, I find sometimes not all features load properly unless the app is removed and re-installed. I was trying to see if my other issue with the topo maps was related to this. As a side note, I just want to say thank you for all the updates and for the fantastic app. I absolutely love cachly and hope I didn’t come off as too grumpy in my post. I pretty much exclusively stick with the iPhone because I don’t want to use any other geocaching app.
  12. Yes there are some pretty big hills in that park. There are a bunch of really hilly areas that don’t show any topo lines. For reference: Rockwoods Reservation, Greensfelder County Park, Babler State Park, Weldon Spring to name a few.
  13. I would like to be able to take a look inside of the offline maps folder, but there is no way to do that without building in extra code and having you install a beta version. Would you be willing to install a beta?
  14. Last week
  15. Since a very early version. Is there a fix I can make, or do I have to reinstall?
  16. Yes, this is not normal. How long have you had Cachly installed?
  17. You can import the GPX files, unfortunately one at a time.
  18. Do those areas have elevation change? If so, they should show topo lines.
  19. Creating a backup inside the app is just for GPX files. The docs describe how to backup the database. Did you backup the database file? Was there a specific reason why you deleted Cachly?
  20. That is correct, if the maps are geographically far apart then you will see overlapping map elements, especially ocean features.
  21. Hints do not allow HTML. Do you have a GC code for the cache in question?
  22. Since the automatic upgrade, Cachly has massively increased in size, and is causing my iPhone to have problems when the app is running. Currently it is using 14.02 gig of data and I have only one premium offline Ontario map downloaded. It’s also newly trying to suggest that I download a pro Antarctica map. I never did anything with Antarctica yesterday and I don’t know where this even came from. I had a premium Antarctica app on my iPhone that I removed because since I came back from Antarctica, I don’t need it anymore. That was a couple weeks ago. When I left the house to go caching yesterday, it was telling me it was using 7 gig. I don’t have a screenshot of that but that’s what it said. By the end of the day, it was showing 14.02. It also crashed multiple times while I was using it and stopped serving me the Ontario premium map, displaying instead nothing. It was a pretty frustrating day caching and it was a good thing. I was with other people who had working apps. Cachly version number - 8.0.1(1) iOS version - 17.4.1 Device that you are using - XR If you are a Regular or Premium user of geocaching.com - premium
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