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  1. If you save the logs rather than sending them immediately you can export you're logs and then submit them
  2. Geocaching HQ sets the requirements that partners have to comply with, especially with regard to the use of data. I agree this is a bit extreme so I am sure we will see a relaxation in the future.
  3. Ok. Ignore that. It is now in km. After a bit of usage it swapped over.
  4. Kilometers and meters on the app but miles and feet on the watch
  5. Distances in the Apple watch are down in miles. How do you convert to km
  6. I do not have an option to save to iBooks - is there something i need to set up?
  7. I suggest you log out of Cachly and back in again. This might help
  8. Mystery does not have the 161m circle. Probably better to default to a traditional. Highlighted would make it visible (with a unique colour ;-)
  9. With South Africa surrounding two small landlocked countries it would be great if we could have a Southern African offline map. As a minimum it would have South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland but a more useful map would include Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Is it possible to generate the map to assist you?
  10. It seems as if Apple has sorted this one. On the iPhone 7 the heading is all over the place until you hit about 20km per hour and then it points straight forward. Looks like the 7 uses the GPS heading once you get some speed. Does not work on my wife's iPhone 6 so it must be hardware related
  11. Yes. Go to the cache details screen. Tap waypoints. Tap the parking or trailhead waypoint, not the published coords. Hey screen only shows one waypoint.
  12. When you navigate to the published (or corrected) coordinate the other waypoints (eg parking, trailhead, etc) are visible on the map. However, when navigating to any of the other waypoints then only that waypoint is visible on the map. This only happens if you select the other waypoint from the waypoint list. If you are navigating to the published waypoints and then chose one of the others off te map then they all stay visible.
  13. Is it not possible to make a temp fix. If you try to edit that log Cachly crashes. It also appears as if the lack of a date is the issue. Is it not possible to allow for a log with no date at that stage?
  14. I thought they were all excluded to prevent confusion with other characters. L not in caps with 1, O with zero, U with V, I with 1 and S with 5 All very well explained in this cache description GC5KW17
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