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    rragan got a reaction from Ezh_gps in Send waypoint or cache to another app   
    These are two examples where user-defined URLs with some template substitution would let users provide their own integrations with a variety of other apps without Cachly having to build in support for each case. 
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    rragan got a reaction from Ezh_gps in Send waypoint or cache to another app   
    Normally, app to app communication in iOS is done via custom URL provided by the app. For example, Cachly has URL protocol cachly://......
    i found a protocol for Offmaps but since Offmaps2 is a different product you would need to confirm with the developers that they support it or find out what they do support. This is what I found:
    offmaps://?ll=[LATITUDE],[LONGITUDE]&z=[Zoom Level 3-17]&placemarker=1&placename=[WAYPOINT] I expect this launches Offmaps with a waypoint using the name given at the designated coordinates.  You can trying building such a URL in Safari and see if it launches Offmaps2 as an initial test  
    gcbuddy seems to have a custom URL but details are sketchy.
    Their support can likely provide more info.
    Assuming you have custom URLs that do what you want, you will need to convince Cachly development to support integration with these other apps  
    In the meantime, you can easily copy the coordinates of a cache by a long press on the Coordinate text. Then you might be able to use the other apps with these coordinates by pasting them. Long press on the GC code in the title will copy it  if they want the code.
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    rragan got a reaction from Ham fam in Another feature request.   
    How about post-fetch filtering in the Live tab? The only odd thing would be the user asked for 50 and only got 40 since 10 were discarded (or hidden) by the "too many DNFs" filter. The user didn't want to see them anyway. This isn't too far off what you do for FTF marker. 
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    rragan got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Streamlining imports   
    It's these small changes that largely go unnoticed that give the feeling of "Wow, it all works so smoothly"
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    rragan reacted to barefootguru in Streamlining imports   
    Also when creating a new list, Cachly should select it too, to save a needless step.
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    rragan got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Streamlining imports   
    I think I may have asked for this but I'm not certain so here goes. 
    When I am importing multiple individual caches to add to a list, I have to choose list over and over. If Cachly retained the last list imported to as a default choice (see pic), the choosing process is eliminated after the first time. Things are no worse if you don't want that list, just tap the > and choose a different one. 

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    rragan got a reaction from Pfalstad in Offline list menu   
    Editing published caches by changing name etcetera is purely local. You cannot edit the information on geocaching.com this way. 
    You can refresh any individual cache by pulling down on the page and letting go. This is a convention everywhere in iOS. I should add that to the UI differences page. 
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    rragan got a reaction from Bumble in Power Trail Caching   
    While talking of using Force Touch, force touch on the Compass to show the hint, if there is one, would be nice. 
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    rragan reacted to Nic Hubbard in Power Trail Caching   
    Instead of cluttering up the map callout, I think this would be an excellent use for our 3D/force touch feature. So you would be able to hard press on the map callout to show these additional options. Would that help?
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    rragan got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Wiki Feedback   
    I cleaned up the specific areas he expanded on but, as you say, we need to be on the lookout for use of a term/topic that is not on the page and is not linked.
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    rragan got a reaction from alzarius in Multiple offline list addition   
    I believe the ability to have multiple offline lists selected at once is in the plans. The other side of that coin is needed.
     The ability during "Add to Offline List" to select multiple offline lists to add a cache to. For example, a solved puzzle might go on the solved list and also on the East Bay list to make it show up when I'm caching in that area and on a third list if it has a DT combo I need for my grid. 
    Adding to multiple lists and using multiple lists are independent features and could be implemented independently.
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    rragan got a reaction from Necro in Multiple PQ overlays on offline map   
    View multiple offline lists at once without merging is on the feature request list. I miss it. 
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    rragan got a reaction from ChrisDen in Multiple PQ overlays on offline map   
    View multiple offline lists at once without merging is on the feature request list. I miss it. 
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    rragan reacted to Nic Hubbard in Specify Live Load Number   
    Hoping to address this soon.
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    rragan got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Just a quick question on searching for caches   
    Trad would be fine too. Just a field that could be defaulted because most don't care. 
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    rragan got a reaction from ChrisDen in Just a quick question on searching for caches   
    Any reason not to pick a default type like Mystery or Virtual to further simplify creation? The user can always change it. 
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    rragan reacted to Nic Hubbard in Navigating to waypoint - others visible   
    I will add this feature hopefully in the next beta.
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    rragan got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in coord.info handlng   
    LOUIS not used in GC codes but acceptable for a royal name. LOL. 
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    rragan got a reaction from SWH in GPX file imported into Geocaching.com List   
    NOTE: This will become easy when a release of Cachly that allows bulk adding an offline list to a bookmark list happens. I think it will be soon but Nic can comment. If you need to do this sooner, I've outlined two ways to do it below.
    Geocaching.com seems to give minimal support to GPX which is surprising because it is the "standard" interchange medium across devices and platforms. They provide minimal export via PQs and the GPX file button on a cache page. Their "proprietary" exchange mechanism is book mark lists. So given a GPX, you need to navigate this hurdle. My mechanism is as follows:
    1) Use urlhttp://jakuje.dta3.com/gpx2gc.html and choose your GPX file. This tools extracts the GC codes. Copy this list to the clipboard.
    2) In Project GC, create a new list in the Virtual GPS. This requires a premium membership. The create list dialog has a place to paste the list of GC codes.
    3) Create a new empty bookmark list on geocaching.com as they API offers no way to create a list.
    4) Click the checkmark box above the top of all the individual check mark lines. This selects all your caches. I'm not 100% certain you need to do this but play it safe.
    5) in the Export dropdown, choose Export to bookmark list and select the new empty list you made and click Export. Presto, your list now has the GCs from the GPX.
    You can accomplish the same thing using cachetur.no which won't require a PGC premium membership. Register for a free membership. Then do the following:
    1) Use urlhttp://jakuje.dta3.com/gpx2gc.html and choose your GPX file. This tools extracts the GC codes. Copy this list to the clipboard.
    2) Choose Create New Trip from the Trips menu. Under the Waypoints tab on the create trip screen, is an Add list of GC-codes. Paste your copied list there. Then switch to the Trip Info tab and fill in the mandatory stuff and Save the Trip.
    3) Now that the trip is created, from the Download menu, choose Export to bookmark list (note: you may have to create a new list on geocaching.com before this step) Presto, you now have a list from the GPX. 
    If the purpose of the LIst is to share with others, be aware that cachetur.no has a lot of features you should explore includiing sharing trip planning/execution with travel companions.
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    rragan reacted to CDaxi in Custom links to third party applications   
    i have used L4C now for a longer time, now I want to have a more detailed look at Cachly.
    The first impression is really good. Some things are besser, some other not.
    What do you think about custom link functionality.
    L4C uses a template syntax. For example https://coords.info/[GCCODE]
    With this feature it would be possible to start new messages in Instant messengers like:
    WhatsApp: whatsapp://send?text=message Threema: threema://compose?text=Hello Telegram: tg://msg?text=Mi_mensaje&to=+1555999 After clicking the custom link, the messenger app will open to select the recipient.
    That would makes it much easlier to chat with people about a cache to get help.
    The link to the cache, title and code can be easily added to the message text without any copy paste waste anymore.
    Kind regards,
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    rragan reacted to Bolling in Wherigo player   
    I own a Wherigo and seek one occasionally. However, the request list for Cachly has much better options for Nic to spend time on in my opinion. 
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    rragan reacted to MrGigabyte in Link from Pending Log back to the cache page   
    This has been an issue for me since day one. I sometimes wait days to finally submit my pending logs, as I tend to tweak them when I have time, and then bulk submit. Problem is, after a few days and I have a dozen or more pending logs, I have NO idea what cache many of the logs refer to. There is no way as far as I have found, to go back to the actual cache page from the pending log. A simple link from the cache name in the pending log list, back to the cache description page would be perfect. 
    As it stands now, I have to get the GC number or cache name, then go back to the caches list and then search for it.
    My request is to simply add a link from the pending log back to the cache. 
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    rragan got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Logic around DNFs   
    Not having CCs on geocaching.com has been my bugaboo lately. Several of us are planning a road trip around the Giga and various people are doing different parts. I end up getting an exported GPX to merge with the larger plan. Typically it has CCs with GSAK style representation. They look correct when imported but if I ever forget and do an update, they vanish. Having them on geocaching.com in my account means they don't vanish accidentally and they are accessible to other tools like cachetur.no. A cachly option to push GSAK style CCs from an offline list to geocaching.com would make this much easier. Tthere are other ways to do this: run GSAK (not a great option for Mac users but now run Mac + PC as a consequence), put CCs in cache note and have cachetur.no parse cache notes for coordinates and it can push them to geocaching.com. Doing this from Cachly would reduce the tool surfaces one needs to pull this off. 
    I guess the priority is lower as the majority of Cachly users probably don't do the multi-person road trip but the heavy hitters do.
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    rragan reacted to Nic Hubbard in Who is using "Logs"?   
    I will say that we have a very open line of communication and that HQ is extremely helpful, kind and great people to work with. They really get a bad rap which frustrates me.
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    rragan got a reaction from Btwchen in Friend's logs   
    I guess it would be handy but when I get stuck I do these things:
     1) Read the description again and then the hint
    2) read earlier logs for insights. During this process, I note any friends I might want to contact. 
    3) PAF and often, I spot it just about when they answer 
    4) Declare loudly to the cache "I'm leaving now", walk away but return for one last look - funny how this sometimes works
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