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  1. Some friends reported the same issue recently - happened few days ago. I will try to replicate this and in case of any issues I will report back to Nic.
  2. Works like a charm - everything back to normal (incl. text templates etc). Thanks for the quick fix!
  3. ... but I still see my trackables and live search recognizes caches I‘ve found - so it seems I am „half-logged in“ or so; but all settings, texttemplates, etc are gone.
  4. The same for me (and some other cachly users I was in touch today). API seems to work - login successful with project-gc and looking4cache.
  5. Hmm... How about this: If user changes cache notes and taps "back" -> verify if content was changed. if not. OK, nothing to do. if yes - ask user if she/he wants to save/upload the changed cache notes to geocaching.com webserver? Just an idea...
  6. Something like that would be great - to be honest, I don't like the current behavior (every change - usually by mistake are directly uploaded to the geocaching webserver - just deleted solving steps for a mystery by accident while tapping around in the notes section; what a pitty :-( ...) - There should be some interaction with the user (are you sure? are you REALLY sure? or the like ;-)...)
  7. ... absolutely agree - and of course (still one of my most favorite feature requests) it also would be good to show all waypoints of all caches when loading an offline list. (Bar) Pub finder feature also would be great
  8. Not sure if this already was requested: While updating an offline list, cachly tells me "Downloading Caches" and shows the infinite circle animation turning and turning around. If the offline list contains lots of caches (updating them might take several minutes), the user does not know if there is some progress / what exactly is happening at all. It would be great to see some kind of progress bar or the like; e.g. "Updating Caches - 100 of 2685 completed". UI doesn't need to be refreshed after every single cache but maybe based on the amount of caches stored in the offline list (1000 caches = update every 100 caches successfully updated).
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