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When I open an individual cache in an offline list, the menu allows me to change the cache page of the cache I’m looking at. It also doesn’t have a REFRESH button for the individual cache as before. I experimented with GC6G825. I had it in an offline list “Cape Coral” and then added it to a new offline list “OFFLINE TEST”. I changed the cache name to “Welcome to Honore Ave Test” and size to “Regular”. 

Both offline lists showed the changes but when viewing it on “live” screen, it retained its original format.

I did an “UPDATE CACHES” from the first screen of the offline list “OFFLINE TEST” and the cache format reverted back to the original settings... in both of the offline lists. I think this is just a glitch....  I also don’t think that is the intended menu.

but what I do miss is the REFRESH button for individual caches, without having to do an update to all OR  visible caches in the list.

Thanks Nick for a great app. Probably 80% of my caching friends use Cachly.

The attached photos are after I made the changes. They all show correct format after “Update Caches”.

1st pic is live, 2nd pic is Cape Coral, and 3rd pic is Offline Test.

Carl (TheLF)







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Editing published caches by changing name etcetera is purely local. You cannot edit the information on geocaching.com this way. 

You can refresh any individual cache by pulling down on the page and letting go. This is a convention everywhere in iOS. I should add that to the UI differences page. 

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Editing parts of a real geocache in the local DB can be used for any purpose that helps you. For example, I have used it in conjunction with 360° Challenge. I changed titles to include the degree heading they qualified for. This let me look at titles and see at a glance the degree they fulfilled. 

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