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Power Trail Caching



Ran across an interesting issue while doing a driving based Geo-art power trail the other day which I think becomes a feature request.

Sorry it's so long but it was hard to explain shorter.

Was using Cachly as the main map while driving from cache to cache while the map was displayed. While guessing distance to the next cache was possible by looking at the proximity on map from where we were to the cache, It sure lacked some more useful info to have that would be nice like distance & bearing, things you would see if you clicked on the cache then hit navigate to cache. Then there was the extra step of hitting the cache name then hitting log this cache or if I was using it in navigate to cache mode because I wanted the distance/bearing to it displayed, hitting the back arrow then log this cache. While definitely doable, I felt there must be a better way to do this without so many extra page changes or extra clicks.

So I went through all my caching apps to see if one had a way to make things more streamlined. Most were much worse, but did notice L4C had something that would be incredibly useful to have something similar in Cachly in this situation since it is my main caching app. While still involving the same two clicks it had zero page changes. So you are always on the map page. You click on the cache while in map mode and a popup appears allowing you to now navigate/select as target, so you have that useful distance & direction info all without leaving map view page. The same popup also allows you to log the cache. While this may not seem worlds different, when you are on a power trail this is much quicker & less jarring visually even though it still takes the same amount of clicks. It keeps the drivers eyes on the road & not their phone trying to go through different views.

So boiling it down to an actual request, when Cachly is in the map display and you click on a geocache to get that popup display for the info, a spot in the popup display to navigate to the cache & log the cache without having to switch views/pages, would be fantastic.

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