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  1. Ham fam

    Today’s find count

    We went out caching today, mostly a power trail, and some other caches. We wanted to hit a hundred, but because some of the caches on the power trail were archived. I thrill it would be nice to be able to see how many caches I’ve found today. Seems like it would be easy though.
  2. Ham fam

    Range on publish date

    Ok, maybe a notation in the filter that there is a 30 day maximum limit. Better yet make it so that if you choose more than 30 days, you get a fault right away as opposed to waiting until you refresh on the map.
  3. Ham fam

    Range on publish date

    Well that’s stupid. Why would they have a restriction like that? Are they jealous of your Cadillac app as compared to the Yugo they offer? lol. Thanks for responding.
  4. Ham fam

    Friend league souvenirs

    Is it possible to add the friend league and souvenir challenges to Cachly? If not maybe a link to take you to your account logged in?
  5. Ham fam


    Is it possible to have the messaging system from GCHQ added to Cachly, with notifications? This is the app I use exclusively and don’t always go to the website.
  6. Ham fam

    Range on publish date

    Why is the a 30 day maximum range requirement for published dates to filter by. It seems that it would be easy to extend that. And it would be beneficial.
  7. Ham fam

    Another feature request.

    I like it. I think others would too. Also if you could make it user settable as to how many DNFs trigger the icon. Some days you may feel lucky and other days, you just want caches that are probably there.
  8. Ham fam

    Another feature request.

    Does it pay for me to drop a line to Groundspeak to see if they can alter the API?
  9. Ham fam

    Another feature request.

    I could see a benefit in adding the ability to ignore via settings if a cache's most recent X caches are DNFs. I hate getting to a cache only to find that it's not been found the last 5 times.
  10. Ham fam

    Feature request

    I think it would be beneficial to be able to save filter settings. For example I setup caches not found by everyone in my party, and under 2 difficulty. While out caching I want to see if another cache exists and reset my filter. But then when they go back to caching I have to reset it all manually. Being able to save filter settings would be a simple, easy in my mind feature request.