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  1. This is something I too was hoping could be added Cachly. Something like the satellite screen on a Garmin GPS would be perfect.
  2. Same way I logged it in the first place. Go to the cache page and hit Log this cache. EXCEPT, your pending log info would already populate the log fields.
  3. Back on topic... I have several astronomy apps that allow you to set date and time. They have the scroll wheels as Cachly does, but they also have a [TODAY] button on the same screen. When the date set is the current date, the button is dimmed and inactive. If you change the date, the button becomes active. This would seem to do the trick in this cace as well.
  4. I was thinking more like this. The entire line that the Pending Logs are listed on is the link. No need to call up the specific log details, just link directly from the list.
  5. This is easily and permanently fixed. Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > Add > Cache
  6. Perfect. Except the fist two I tried, I deleted. Can't you just link the cache name in the list back to the cache?
  7. This has been an issue for me since day one. I sometimes wait days to finally submit my pending logs, as I tend to tweak them when I have time, and then bulk submit. Problem is, after a few days and I have a dozen or more pending logs, I have NO idea what cache many of the logs refer to. There is no way as far as I have found, to go back to the actual cache page from the pending log. A simple link from the cache name in the pending log list, back to the cache description page would be perfect. As it stands now, I have to get the GC number or cache name, then go back to the caches list and then search for it. My request is to simply add a link from the pending log back to the cache. Thanks
  8. What's wrong with the way Geocaching.com does it? It has been that way for what, 18 years and I have never heard of any problems. If you want to make it obvious that the date is not the current date, could you colour the date selector red?
  9. I frequently have to log caches a day or so after I find them. When I create a log in Cachly, it use the current date. I can change the date for that log, but when I then log another cache, it reverts back to the current date. Geocaching.com date selection is sticky. That is, it keeps whatever date you previously selected until yo change it. Can this same sticky date feature please be added to Cachly?
  10. Without accounting for weighted HDOP, averaging is not going going to gain you any better accuracy. You end up with better precision, but not accuracy.
  11. Here is what you SHOULD see... https://www.dropbox.com/s/xsd2yl3b5fzlxvx/import_gpx.mp4?dl=0
  12. You need to either select an offline list from the ones listed (assuming you have one or more) OR you hit the "+" button, enter a new list name, Save, then select that list, and finally, hit Import on the Import GPX page. BTW: How is it possible to have 60 MB GPX file of just solved caches. I have 3000 caches including ALL my unfound caches and it is only 30 MB. So I assume you have 6000 solved puzzles. If that is the case, I could use your help on a few dozen around here! :-)
  13. That is typical usage that I get as well. 100% to 10% in an afternoon (and I am not using the compass/navigation in the app). I have a new iPhone 6 so the battery is only 6 months old. (Apple replaced my previous 6 with a new one after they botched the screen replacement). But also as mentioned, I use the app to read the data on the cache and to log my notes (typed not dictated), and they are short. But, as I have to use the map to see where they are, I am using the GPS when in fact all I needed was to see the map and cache pins, not my location.
  14. It's Cachly unfortunately. I have been monitoring this for over a year.
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