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  1. Nevermind! I reloaded the URL page a couple times. Worked fine!
  2. Hi. I literally was researching just how to do this today. I got to the url you listed, selccted my file. The GPX showed up as a name. Not extracted GC codes. I copied the GC name anyways thinking something magical would happen... went to project-gc. Virt list. Nothing. What should happen after my GPx is selected on the url you listed? A long list of gc codes is there?
  3. SWH


    Hi everyone. Perhaps I was not clear enough in my original statement. I think cachly should create their own checker for cachers to use to add to cache pages. I think it's funny people assumed I meant "challenge checkers". LOL. It shouldn't be anonymized listing of people who "solved" A mystery puzzle.
  4. SWH

    Exporting waypoints and importing them

    hi. I am having this same issue tonight. I received an imported file with 78+ waypoints (all puzzle solves, easiest to add solved cords to one cache then navigate from that one). the file imported in "view" shows each point and name. The opened cache in the app will not display the waypoints.
  5. Hi. Would be nice to create a new checker. I think it's odd to "stay anonymous" on the existing apps. Should always show the CO who is solving their puzzles, (or at least who entered coordinates)
  6. Hi. The ability to search for caches based on attributes would be nice. Should be easy to add on.