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  1. Ezh_gps

    Bad request (400) after update to v5.1

    Thank you very much indeed! That helped and now I could login once again! Many thanks, Peter
  2. Ezh_gps

    Bad request (400) after update to v5.1

    Hi, The screenshot above already from that menu “More -> Login As... —> Profile”. Nothing can be done after that error message. No chance to select new user or login/logout. Kind regards, Peter
  3. Ezh_gps

    Bad request (400) after update to v5.1

    Hi Nic, Logout and login are not possible due to this error. After I push OK to get the bad request error message off screen, the Profile page stays empty, with endlessly spinning progress indicator. KR, Peter
  4. Hello, After updating to v5.1, on startup screen, I am getting the error message “Bad request (400)”. Getting the same error when I try to access my logs and account on geocaching.com. Re-installing the app does not help. iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 12.2 Kind regards, Peter
  5. Ezh_gps

    Comma between latitude and longitude

    Excellent, it will be very much appreciated! Looking forward to downloading upcoming Cachly that will have "comma-free" coordinates copied from the cache or waypoints.Thank you!
  6. Cachly uses a comma between latitude and longitude and includes this character when one copies the coordinates. Other applications follow the format used by geocaching.com (the only separator between coords is the white space) and cannot parse comma-separated coordinates when I paste them. GCBuddy, L4C, GCTK, GCTools, iGCT Pro - all use coordinates without a comma. (Actually, iGCT Pro is the only app from my geocaching toolbox which, in addition to Cachly, can parse comma-separated coords. Still, when the coordinates are copied from this app, they are space-separated. And almost never use this app.) Are there situations when this comma is required? Is this perhaps related to iOS language/settings? I used forum search but did not find a discussion about the comma between the coordinates. Any chance to delete the comma between latitude and longitude or add an option into the next version to switch commy on and off?
  7. Ezh_gps

    Send waypoint or cache to another app

    Thank you for the reply, Nic! Yes. Something like "Open Link" menu item in "..." menu on the cache description page and on waypoint page which is configurable by the user. So the user could give a name to the action and provide the URL command. For two apps described above user could set up actions with the names "Open in OffMaps" and "Send to GCBuddy" and appropriate URLs stated above.
  8. Ezh_gps

    Send waypoint or cache to another app

    Many thanks for the replies, really appreciated. Not sure if the URL command can be used to send GPX, guess GPX file will need to be saved first. Actually, the possibility to use URL syntax from Cachly is exactly what I was asking about. Would be really helpful to call other apps this way. The URLs which work perfectly for OffMaps2 and GCBuddy are offmaps2://?ll=[LATITUDE],[LONGITUDE]&z=17&placemarker=1&placename=[CACHECODE or NAME] gcbuddy://add/caches?codes=[CACHECODE] Used to rely on such commands in Geosphere and L4C. As I understood from rragan's detailed reply, this feature is not yet implemented. Question for Cachly development team: would it be feasible to implement this very useful feature? Thank you.
  9. Is there a way to send waypoint from Cachly to another app (in addition to Apple or Google Maps)? For example, to get the stage or final shown in OffMap2 in case there is no mobile data coverage? Similar question: is there a way to send GC code of the cache being viewed or navigated to in Cachly and open it in another app like GCBuddy?