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Link from Pending Log back to the cache page



This has been an issue for me since day one. I sometimes wait days to finally submit my pending logs, as I tend to tweak them when I have time, and then bulk submit. Problem is, after a few days and I have a dozen or more pending logs, I have NO idea what cache many of the logs refer to. There is no way as far as I have found, to go back to the actual cache page from the pending log. A simple link from the cache name in the pending log list, back to the cache description page would be perfect. 

As it stands now, I have to get the GC number or cache name, then go back to the caches list and then search for it.

My request is to simply add a link from the pending log back to the cache. 


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13 minutes ago, MrGigabyte said:

Perfect. Except the fist two I tried, I deleted. Can't you just link the cache name in the list back to the cache?


Wow, you are right. It's very easy to accidentally delete the log. I agree with you, having the option to view the cache here would be more more intuitive. 66D6657B-21BB-4F96-80A9-FCD80634FFE6.thumb.jpeg.c713c346c944881837bb43bb0f8b6102.jpeg

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8 hours ago, MrGigabyte said:

I was thinking more like this.   The entire line that the Pending Logs are listed on is the link. No need to call up the specific log details, just link directly from the list. 

Then how would you edit your log. 

I do think the current option works well if the delete wasn’t quite so easy to perform or there was an Undo. 

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9 minutes ago, Jellis said:

I agree, when saving a lot of finds then you go back and can’t remember the cache. You have to go to GC to find it. It would save time if allowed to link back on pending logs.

You can. Just swipe the row to the left a little and choose Options.

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