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    ElectroQTed reacted to barefootguru in Downloading PQ in v4.0   
    FWIW I'm experiencing the same slower time downloading PQs.  I update my iPad — still on previous version, and iPhone — on latest version, at the same time, so it's not a network issue.  The 2 devices used to take about the same time, the iPhone is now significantly slower (twice as long?)
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    ElectroQTed reacted to two bison in Offline lists questions   
    1] Is to possible to have more than one, i.e., several, Offline List active at the same time? Sometimes, when I'm caching I will be looking for caches in, e.g. "DT-Davis" but caching very near it's border with "DT-Sacramento." It would be useful to be able to have them both active as had been the case in the days of Geosphere. 
    2] After updating my Offline List information on GSAK I want to be able to upload the caches to the appropriate Offline List. Is there a way to empty the appropriate list or must I delete the list and it's title and add a new list with the old title before uploading? I'm sure you, Nick, are tired of hearing this but this was possible in Geosphere. I do appreciate that Cachly was already available when Geosphere bit the dust and am slowly getting up to speed. It's that old dog ... new trick problem rearing it's ugly head once again.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Auto-Sorting of Offline List by Distance Not Working   
    There are some additional fixes in 3.1 for this and should solve any issues you might have had.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to ZeppelinDT in Bulk Submission of Blank Drafts   
    I think you can from the app, but not from the website.  I'm not entirely sure though, as I've never tried it either.  I just leave the drafts blank mostly for efficiency (and I like to save them for later so I can easily keep track of how many I've done).
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Gdsdizz in Filter Options for 3.0   
    I would add a filter for unfound caches. There seems to be a few out there. 
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    ElectroQTed reacted to thebruce0 in Multicaches   
    To expand a bit, Geosphere has the ability to display the proximity circles as an overlay on the map, and it's also set to only show on physical waypoints - posted coordinates for physical cache types, and multi-stage and final waypoints. (reference points, parking/trailhead/virtual etc are not relevant for proximity concerns and so don't show the circle).  It's a very useful feature, especially when planning for cache placement in a busier area.
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    ElectroQTed got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Add Cache Note to Pending Log   
    Just tried it. OK, now that is cool! I didn't need to initiate any kind of an upload or anything else. It's practically immediate.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Offline List Search   
    Thanks, will look into it and get it fixed.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Merging Databases   
    This is something that will be fixed in 2.1. Stay tuned!
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Large Database   
    There currently is a memory limit that is based on the device you are using. Trying to load thousands of caches will consume a large amount of memory and will likely crash.
    This is something we are focusing on in 2.1 and the issue should be fixed at that time.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Bunkshyde in Display List by Direction   
    I did quite a bit of caching on my recent Christmas Holiday (it's summer downunder!) and I am now a complete Cachly convert - I love it!
    Version 2.0 was GREAT and 2.0.1 is even GREATER and then today I get 2.0.2 - it's like Christmas for Geocachers every few weeks :-)
    There is one feature from Geosphere which I always found useful and wanted to see if you would consider its inclusion in Cachly at some point - actually its two related things.. They are similar to the earlier posting called "Bearing Indication" which you liked but take it a step further I think...
    1) Could the option be made available to display a List (offline or otherwise) by direction. Eg Choose "North" and the list shows only caches between NNE and NNW in ascending order of distance. Ditto for all the other key points on the compass (N, NNE, NE, ENE, E,...). This is VERY useful if you are driving (or walking a trail) in a particular direction as it avoids you being shown the caches behind you or out of reach to the side but closer than the next one in front.
    2) Could the List (offline or otherwise) be enhanced with a small compass directional arrow. This would also make it easier to see the next cache ahead. Rather than try to explain this in words, I have attached a screen shot as a guide (it's from the now apparently unsupported Geosphere which does this rather well)

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    ElectroQTed reacted to AnyMules in Send all logs   
    Other apps have had this functionality previously - where all logs could be done offline, then all uploaded with a single action.
    They do stop at their current point if they encounter an error at any stage (ie, a find log with no text) so you can then fix that error, and then start the send again from that point onwards.
    I'm one that would make good use of this feature as I'm often caching in areas with no phone coverage, so using the app in an off-line mode.  Once you have many logs queued up, manually going in to each one of them and uploading individually is very time consuming (I did 50+ the other day like this on two occasions on a day with over 100 finds).
    Especially useful when you need to go and add all the TBs in as you can't log them currently when there is no phone signal - although I know there's another feature request for that
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Michael in Problem when updating offline list with 'Basic Cache Data'   
    Hi Nic
    Thanks for your detailed explanation. Not overwriting the existing full info and just updating the basic data would be a very nice feature ;-)
    Thanks a lot and best regards
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    ElectroQTed got a reaction from MrGigabyte in Templates   
    As a Geosphere refugee, I have become quite used to creating templates for logging caches. Examples would be for FTF logs with time stamps, TFTC logs, specific logs when out caching with a group. In Cachly, I had set up the single available default log, but found it cumbersome. It was my standard "Thanks for the cache, Ted." In order to add to that default log, I have to touch the screen and slide my finger to set the cursor to the beginning of the default text, and then begin typing. With templates, I can begin typing and then insert text from templates quickly on the fly. In my opinion, text templates are an essential time saver when logging. Text templates would be a most welcome addition to Cachly.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to AnyMules in Templates   
    A temporary workaround I'm using on this one is to include a couple of blank lines at the start of the template.  This then gives a large enough area to click in above the text to put the cursor to the beginning.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Templates   
    It shouldn't be too hard to automatically make the cursor start at the beginning of the text, so I will fix this.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to barefootguru in Open cache in Safari by default   
    Hi, currently when looking at a cache and selecting ‘View on geocaching.com’, the page appears in a portal inside Cachly and it's another step to open in Safari.
    The reason for wanting to view on the GS site, is to get the full power of both the site and Safari.
    Maybe most people, or Nic, appreciate the current behaviour; but on the chance they're all silently suffering like me, thought I'd post this 
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Upload pending logs to GSAK   
    This is an issue that was fixed in 2.0.2 which we will be submitting to Apple this week. Stay tuned. 
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Distance to cache location   
    This is something that we are working on fixing. Basically we need to be updating the entire list for each GPS update we get. However, if it is a massive list this might have some performance ramifications, so we are working through this. 
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Høst in Send all logs   
    When saving logs or field notes for later. Can it be done to choose "send all" when coming home? It takes som time to send 1 at the time when sending 20+ field notes 
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    ElectroQTed reacted to ciarmer in Bulk Logging   
    I was out caching today and found five caches. I logged each of these as finds and at the end of the day I had five Pending Geocache Logs (waiting to be posted as field notes).
    It doesn't look like there is a way to upload all of these field notes at one time rather than one at a time. Is this correct?
    Are there plans to include a way to upload in bulk? It doesn't take too long to upload five caches individually, but it might get a bit tedious if one has 20 or 30 finds waiting to be uploaded as field notes.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Find Counts   
    Don't worry. I won't remove it.
    Not a problem. Keep it coming!
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Offline List Search   
    Yes, it is just a simple quick search. A more advanced filtering feature will be added in 2.1.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to Nic Hubbard in Offline Sorting by Distance   
    I thought this might be the issue. I have so far been hesitant to fix this without more testing and here is why:
    Say you have an offline list with 2000 caches. GPS returns a new location update every second or so. This would be the time to then update all the caches with the new location. However, you could imagine how this could start to turn into an issue if every second we tried to loop through 2000 caches and update their distance. Memory and CPU usage would be high.
    To solve this issue I am going to update all caches at a longer interval, say 30 seconds. This should fix the bug while also not overwhelming iOS with trying to update a large amount of caches each second. 
    Will work on fixing this bug. Thanks everyone for the testing and input.
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    ElectroQTed reacted to ciarmer in GSAK Integration   
    Sounds great Nic. Can you also confirm that if it were working properly, the only thing that would happen is that the notes field in GSAK would be populated? That is one issue for me. The additional issue, or question for me is how would I import my found logs into GSAK in a way to change the "Found" status in GSAK. I guess I'm also looking for a way to convert those logs to a GPX file so that they could me imported into GSAK. Thanks so much for the quick replies.
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