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  1. Høst

    Photos and bulk sending logs

    Last send was 2 trads, found it logs, 2 pics in the first log, 1 in the second. No tb’s. Both pics was sendt with the first log, no pics sendt with the second.
  2. Høst

    Photos and bulk sending logs

    Still having the same issue after 4.1 update. And iOS updated as well.
  3. Høst

    Photos and bulk sending logs

    Can’t see what other options that could be. Sunday I had 16 found it logs saved until we came home. 9 of them had photo attached, 1 log with 2 photos, 3 with FP, no tb’s. And only the first photo got uploaded. Same on Saturday. 25 found it logs, 13 had photos, but only the first was uploaded.
  4. Høst

    Photos and bulk sending logs

    No, I’m sending as found it logs, not drafts.
  5. Høst

    Photos and bulk sending logs

    After the update, it seems that photos don’t send when bulk sending logs. Only the first photo is uploaded and none of the logs after get their photo attached. That is a bit of an issue, especially when you are logging virtual and web-cam caches that requires photo with the log. Luckily I happened to notis this after checking over our logs from this weekend, and manually uploaded on the website the photos that was required.
  6. Høst

    Send all logs

    When saving logs or field notes for later. Can it be done to choose "send all" when coming home? It takes som time to send 1 at the time when sending 20+ field notes