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Downloading PQ in v4.0


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6 minutes ago, ElectroQTed said:

My wifi connection at home seems to be pretty consistent. For comparison, I turned wifi off and downloaded via LTE. Took about the same amount of time - 6:36.

I just downloaded a PQ with 1,000 caches and it only took 65 seconds.

7 minutes ago, ElectroQTed said:

For another comparison, I still have an iPhone 4S, and using Geosphere, the download c/w images was 1:56.

Geosphere downloads the GPX file for the PQ which doesn't include full cache data. Cachly downloads full cache data so it will always take longer but have all the data.

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I tried this again last night, but first deleted the app and reinstalled it. The download time reduced to about 4 minutes. Speedtest indicated a download speed of 27.0Mbps. I tried at work today, with a download speed of 35.6Mbps, and the PQ download took 4:02.
Also worth noting, deleting and reinstalling the app got rid of a couple of other weird things.

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FWIW I'm experiencing the same slower time downloading PQs.  I update my iPad — still on previous version, and iPhone — on latest version, at the same time, so it's not a network issue.  The 2 devices used to take about the same time, the iPhone is now significantly slower (twice as long?)

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