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Auto-Sorting of Offline List by Distance Not Working


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I'm still trying to wean myself off Geosphere, so I tried using Cachly again this past weekend. I only use it in offline mode to write logs for the caches that I find using my GPSr. I have sorting set to Ascending and Distance. I also have "Re-sort caches for location updates" toggled ON. When I first start Cachly, the list is sorted properly, with the closest cache at the top of the list. Then as I move along, the sorting does not change when another cache becomes the closest one. Yet, I can see the distance to each cache change every second or so. The only ways I've found to get the list sorted properly, is to "Sort Caches" and "Done", or shut Cachly down and start again. I find an auto-sort feature essential so that I don't have to search the list for the cache I want to log, or constantly do manual re-sorts as I'm moving along. Back to Geosphere again, for now, but that's a short-lived option with iOS 11 looming. I've attached a screen shot of the list after a short drive. The closest cache is the 3rd one down.

File 2017-09-14, 5 31 31 PM.png

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On 9/17/2017 at 3:57 PM, MrGigabyte said:

I have reported this several times. I have never been able to get sort by distance working correctly for me. There must be some combo of settings that I am missing. 


There are some additional fixes in 3.1 for this and should solve any issues you might have had.

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