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  1. Gdsdizz

    move offline geocache list

    Open the GPX file using Geocaching.com. Go to the top right hand corner and tap the three dots. Add all to a list. Name the list.
  2. Gdsdizz

    Send waypoint or cache to another app

    I think Nic told me to send gpx files between apps.
  3. Gdsdizz

    Language forced in 4.3

    Can you set the language on your phone to English?
  4. Gdsdizz

    Can’t hide a cache radius

    Remember just because there is a blank area doesn't mean there's not a final for multi or mystery cache that will block. You should contact the Administrator for your area for info.
  5. Gdsdizz

    Getting GPX file on iPhone

    That sounds good I just haven't messed with it. Thanks Nick.
  6. Gdsdizz

    Lost drafts

    look under the history . Bottom right, more then history.
  7. Gdsdizz

    Getting GPX file on iPhone

    I get my PQs in email. They are fox files. When I open them on my iPhone I choose to use Cachly to open them with. This should load them into your downloads. Then you can open them from there. I believe this is how it works.
  8. Gdsdizz

    Pending Log Upload

    Great now cache on.
  9. Gdsdizz

    Pending Log Upload

    You can set default under settings to send now or save as draft. Go to more bottom right on screen. Settings scroll down and set default that you want I believe this is what I did with my iPhone 6. Works great.
  10. Gdsdizz

    Pending Log Upload

    Did you turn off the save as draft under the log cache menus?
  11. Gdsdizz

    Can't log a trackable

    You should be able to go to the trackables page and grab it from somewhere other than the cache you found it in. I've done this on my computer at home before. Some new cachers pick them up and drop them off not knowing they have to log them.
  12. Gdsdizz

    Filter Options for 3.0

    I would add a filter for unfound caches. There seems to be a few out there.
  13. Gdsdizz

    Logging tweaks -Signature text, tb's

    You can set up a standard log under settings.
  14. Gdsdizz

    Double logging

    Yes. I did notice that the log went very quickly then it showed up for me to send. Thought I already sent it. After sending again it took more time to create trackable log.
  15. Gdsdizz

    Double logging

    Made a cache run today and set all to log later. When I was finished logging I noticed not all of my tbs were logged as visiting. I went back to start logging the rest of my tbs and noticed that several caches had been logged twice. Not sure if I did something wrong or not. Also would like to set up find count and time in log not sure how to do that.