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1 hour ago, Høst said:

When saving logs or field notes for later. Can it be done to choose "send all" when coming home? It takes som time to send 1 at the time when sending 20+ field notes 

Yes, this is a feature that we have been working on. However it isn't a quick and simple thing to add. Here is what has to happen with this feature:

  1. Upload pending logs, one at a time to the server.
  2. If pending log has a trackable to log, log each trackable one at a time.
  3. If pending log has images to upload, upload images one at a time.

So there are quite a few working pieces to this feature. That being said, we are still actively working on it. :)

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Other apps have had this functionality previously - where all logs could be done offline, then all uploaded with a single action.

They do stop at their current point if they encounter an error at any stage (ie, a find log with no text) so you can then fix that error, and then start the send again from that point onwards.

I'm one that would make good use of this feature as I'm often caching in areas with no phone coverage, so using the app in an off-line mode.  Once you have many logs queued up, manually going in to each one of them and uploading individually is very time consuming (I did 50+ the other day like this on two occasions on a day with over 100 finds).

Especially useful when you need to go and add all the TBs in as you can't log them currently when there is no phone signal - although I know there's another feature request for that :)

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2 minutes ago, ThePinkTeaspoon said:

With the proposed bulk logging is it a case of the app sending all pending logs or will the user be able to select which logs they would just like to send?  

The feature will be to send all pending logs, but in the future it wouldn't be too hard to allow the user to choose which ones they want to send as well.

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