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On Geosphere, I keep a database of all my found caches - 10,000-ish. I can export it to Cachly (from GSAK) using Dropbox. The import goes OK, but I can't open the database. When I try, the app seems to grind away for a bit, then goes to the map screen, but there's no map and no caches. Nothing happens for a minute, then the app crashes. Is there a maximum database size? I'm importing a zipped file if that matters.

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I am currently attempting to use Cachly 3.1, iOS 10.3.3, iPhone 6, to import data from gpx files from iTunes. The gpx file of interest has 30k caches and is about 480MB when in gpx form. When attempting to import to an offline list cachly will crash after about 5 seconds. I was able to import a portion of the data (11800 caches, 200MB gpx). With that file it crashed at the end of the import while processing images. It appears the rest of the data was imported. I attempted to import another file (19200 caches, 277MB) and it crashed like the original 30k cache file. A small gpx file (900 caches, 7.5MB) worked fine. It would appear that gpx file size, memory size, database file size, or other limitations are still relevant and in-play. What are the limitations associated with large amounts of cache data with v3.1 of Cachly? 

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3 minutes ago, chuck4564 said:

What are the limitations associated with large amounts of cache data with v3.1 of Cachly?

This would all depend on what device you are using and I guess how large the file is. 30k caches is a lot and how many logs is this?

Also, please send crash reports and let me know your GC username so we can investigate. 

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