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    ChrisDen got a reaction from NLBokkie in Filter Options for 3.0   
    Found in this case means find by me. 
    There might be merit for a filter for not found by anyone, ie a possible FTF. 
    In my view nit an important filter but the FTF chasers could find it handy 
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    ChrisDen reacted to Attila_G in No more friends (GDPR...)   
    Here is the answer from the HQ:
    I hope they will implement this "request to follow" option soon. Interestingly, the opposite option "Do not allow Authorized Developer applications to access my public profile information" already exists in the profile. So it's a bit confusingly solved, but at least there's hope that the friends list will come back sometime.
    Nic, I'm sorry about the initial accusition against Cachly. 
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    ChrisDen reacted to Nic Hubbard in Power Trail Caching   
    Instead of cluttering up the map callout, I think this would be an excellent use for our 3D/force touch feature. So you would be able to hard press on the map callout to show these additional options. Would that help?
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    ChrisDen reacted to Nic Hubbard in Field Note Feature & GPX Export   
    Field Notes was the old name for geocaching.co Drafts. Are you meaning the same thing?
    Regardless of the method, is your main goal to get your finds into GSAK? Are you not wanting to submit these logs using Cachly and then just update GSAK so it pulls down your finds?
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    ChrisDen reacted to wandering4cache in Dropbox gives "error importing" but it works exporting   
    Ok, I deleted & reinstalled both apps just now.  Signed out & signed back into both.  Also tried a new export of just 1 single traditional cache.  All no go.  Same error.
    Oh well.  Don't worry about it.  Its working the other way, and I've lived it for over a year, so not end of the world.
    I love Cachly.  I've tried all the apps over the years, and your rocks. I go back to the stone age before paperless was even a thought.  Printouts.  Then Cachemate on an old Sony palm pilot.  I test lots of apps but I keep coming back.  Cachly has come the furthest the fastest & keeps improving with things I never even knew I wanted.  Thanks for trying with my stupid bug issue.
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    ChrisDen reacted to rragan in Multiple PQ overlays on offline map   
    View multiple offline lists at once without merging is on the feature request list. I miss it. 
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    ChrisDen reacted to rragan in Just a quick question on searching for caches   
    Any reason not to pick a default type like Mystery or Virtual to further simplify creation? The user can always change it. 
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    ChrisDen reacted to Nic Hubbard in Regional offline map   
    Will add this to my to-do-list.
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Heading (direction)   
    It seems as if Apple has sorted this one. On the iPhone 7 the heading is all over the place until you hit about 20km per hour and then it points straight forward. Looks like the 7 uses the GPS heading once you get some speed. Does not work on my wife's iPhone 6 so it must be hardware related
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    ChrisDen reacted to Nic Hubbard in Navigating to waypoint - others visible   
    I will add this feature hopefully in the next beta.
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    ChrisDen reacted to Saved by God's grace in Logging trackables   
    @AnyMules, @ChrisDen is perhaps referring to the list of trackables "Contained" in cache listing that you can access by tapping on the number of trackables in a chace listing. There's not an option to log more than one at a time there...but without having the tracking codes for each TB, it's not technically possible to log them, so I don't think it would be possible to do multiple at a time...
    Please correct me if I'm wrong here though, on any fronts!
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Saved by God's grace in Progress Indicator - logging TBs   
    It would be great to have a progress indicator when you submit a cache log that has a number of the trackable logs (visit or drop). 
    I was on a trip and had a large number of TBs that wanted to visit places along the route. When you submit a log there is no indication how far it has gone. With the speed issues HQ has been having it would be nice to see an indicator that counts down as the TB logs are submitted
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    ChrisDen reacted to barefootguru in coord.info handlng   
    U might be for that reason, L O I S are easily confused with other letters.
    p.s. Interesting thread here https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/341449-3-million/
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Logging trackables   
    When logging a trackable from the cache details screen you can only log one at a time. 
    Of wood be great if you could visit all or drop all like when logging a cache
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    ChrisDen reacted to MrGigabyte in Sticky Log Date   
    Back on topic...  I have several astronomy apps that allow you to set date and time. They have the scroll wheels as Cachly does, but they also have a [TODAY] button on the same screen. When the date set is the current date, the button is dimmed and inactive. If you change the date, the button becomes active.   This would seem to do the trick in this cace as well.
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    ChrisDen reacted to Nic Hubbard in Pending Logs losing data   
    I have rewritten this code and have a 1,000 PQ of South Africa downloading in 20 seconds. Might be even faster on better internet.
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    ChrisDen reacted to Nic Hubbard in Export to a Bookmark List   
    Looks like I am just an idiot and was just not sending more than one cache code to add to a bookmark list. Will get this added in the next release.
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Icon question   
    See also http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/More_Tab#Friends
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Icon question   
    See also http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/More_Tab#Friends
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    ChrisDen reacted to Team DEMP in Google indexing of the wiki   
    Google has done a nice job of indexing the wiki content for anyone that searches without coming to the wiki first. My testing shows Google returning forum hits first (all grouped in the top search result) and then the most relevant Wiki pages. If people search for answers to their questions (a big IF), the effort put into the Wiki should definitely pay off. Nice job all!
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Standardization   
    OK. I will amend the wiki
    >>>>> Post edited - wiki updated
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from rragan in Cache details page   
    Edits completed. 
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Standardization   
    OK. The process is the same so there is one wiki page. I will just have to edit slightly. 
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    ChrisDen got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Cache details page   
    The cache details page referred only to the live page. The ... menu for live caches vs offline caches is different.
    I have changed the Cache details page to show both. I have linked to existing pages where possible but still have a number of items that have no explanation. Not sure where to put this but probably right down at the bottom of the Cache Details page with a link from the top.
    The offline section also has no reference to individual caches. It deals mainly with the handling of the lists. I think there must be a very short paragraph somewhere referring to the tapping of an individual list to get to the Cache Details page. Still trying to find the appropriate spot.>>>>>>>edited - I have put it right at the start.
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    ChrisDen reacted to Team DEMP in Learning Issues   
    What have you done on the screenshot you pasted? 

    After you select the GPX/ZIP from Dropbox, you seen the screenshot you posted. You now need to click into Choose offline list select an existing offline list or click + in the top right and create a new offline list. Then on the screenshot above enable Save Images if you want. Import will be enabled in the top right after you select a list to import the caches into.

    Then to see the import caches, at the bottom of Cachly, select Offline and then the list you import them into and hopefully you see what you'd expect.