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  1. I'll interject my two cents in here if I may: it would be *AWESOME* to have a "sonar" feature option like I've heard some of the Android caching apps have. Basically, once you get within say 30 meters, you start hearing a pinging, slowly at first, and with increasing speed as you approach the cache. It would be a killer function for power trails (especially on a bike), and all-around pretty sweet to use for "everyday caching" imho. True, its basically the opposite of what @coakleyclan suggested, but I personally would utilize both features depending on what I'm doing. @Nic Hubbard, any chance we could get that added too?
  2. Okay, thanks @Nic Hubbard for the help and fixing the DNF issue--and for putting up with my illogical thinking! And thanks @eM-Burr for jumping on here too!
  3. @AnyMules, @ChrisDen is perhaps referring to the list of trackables "Contained" in cache listing that you can access by tapping on the number of trackables in a chace listing. There's not an option to log more than one at a time there...but without having the tracking codes for each TB, it's not technically possible to log them, so I don't think it would be possible to do multiple at a time... Please correct me if I'm wrong here though, on any fronts!
  4. Actually, they're showing as the stars (thankfully!), but when I have the "Hide My Finds" switch turned on, they disappear on the live map...which I guess is tecnically the expected action the more I think about it (facepalm...). It would seem to make sense to me though if owning (adopting) a cache "overrode" (if that's even a word!) *any* previous find/DNF logs, and forced the caches to show up under any filtering settings, with the exception of having the "Hide My Hides" switch on to hide them...
  5. With the beta version (thanks @Nic Hubbard --I'm loving this!), my one DNF'd adopted cache is showing up properly. However, my multiple Found and adopted caches are still not behaving...
  6. Hello all, My apologies for not responding to the questions and helpful hints the past couple days--this thing called "life" (the thing that keeps us from caching sometimes!) has been a little crazy lately. Thanks ya'll, for all the suggestions and help! To get into specifics, my initial post is referring to basically the same thing as what @eM-Burr is also referring too. Effectively, whenever a cache is adopted, it seems to be causing issues in the live view map for the DNF frowns (I had that with a cache I adopted actually, until I converted those DNFs to Write Note logs), or the "Hide My Finds" switch in the live view map filtering options (sorry Nic for my mistake in misleading you...I'm talking about the switch, not the "Found by User" Fields--although yes, I hate that smart apostrophe, and turned it off on my iPhone!) Perhaps some of the confusion is coming from my (albeit perhaps not quite right) viewpoint that when a cache is adopted, it should start getting counted as an "owned" cache in apps instead of a "found" or "DNF" cache, even if those logs exist for my user on that cache listing. At the same time though, I don't think I should have to delete my found it logs as the new owner for things to show up "correctly" (in my opinion) in apps, since no one likes to delete finds and destroy their milestone stats! If my thinking is erroneous, my apologies...and I'll stop with this thread and start using my "workarounds" listed above! However, if this logic makes sense, I believe it would be much appreciated by at least a select number of cachers like myself who have adopted caches they've previously logged.
  7. @Nic Hubbard Yes, that is true, but (my mistake) with one difference: the found-now-adopted caches *are* showing up as stars, but *don't* show up when filtering out caches found by me. Basically, the issue I'm having is the "not found by" search logic is superseding the "show owned by" logic and hiding some of my owned caches in the live view map. Thus (note my previous posts), I have to work around this for these caches by digging through the options, or alternatively creating an offline list of my own caches--neither of which are exactly useful propositions... Hopefully that makes sense now! My apologies for not being very clear before...
  8. This is occuring in the live view only...but is incredibly annoying as I don't particulary want to have to update an offline list of my own caches all the time. Basically, this issue is preventing me from quickly accessing my own caches (now) because they're hidden by the common filtering methods. All that said, I've come up with a workaround, which involves going to More>[My Username]>Hides, but again, it would be lovely to access *my* caches on *my* live view without all these extra steps!
  9. @Team DEMP, this is only occuring on caches I have adopted that I have previous "Found it" logs on...which I cannot convert to "Write Note" logs without messing up my milestone stats... @Nic Hubbard, my GC username is the same as here: Saved by God's grace. one of several GC codes you can use to test this is GC22RM1. Thanks for looking into it!
  10. Hello all, A local cacher is moving out of my area, and I adopted a few of his caches that I previously found (years ago) to keep them going in his absence. It's causing a big problem for me with Cachly however: because I filter out my found caches on the map, my newly adopted caches aren't showing up--and even if I turn all the filters off, they still show smilies instead of the "owner stars." Is there any way some logic could be modified to fix this?
  11. That's cool--I might have to look into that. Still though, a "ruler" of sorts in Cachly would be awesome...
  12. Howdy Nic and all, I've got another feature request you might want to add to the list I've been thinking about for awhile: a measure distance tool. I've seen this done (quite nicely in fact) in other apps, so I know it's certainly possible. Basically, it would be a simple map "ruler" of sorts: tap a button, and drag your finger to measure the map distance. Bonus points for having it "snap" to cache pins if that finger drag is close enough (again, I've seen this done). It would make planning more complex caching runs so much easier! Thanks! :-)
  13. I had this same issue in a similar situation...I just changed my DNF log to a write note, and everything started behaving...
  14. @Fraslagu, there's a couple things you can do about this. One (probably the best in your case) is move the trackables to your collection on geocaching.com--this will totally hide them from view in logging on caches, but they'll remain active with your account. Alternatively, you can swipe left in Cachly on each one you don't want to log in a cache after you've used that bulk logging option, which will make it so that tb is not logged at all for that specific cache. ~Andrew
  15. Thanks Nic! If you decide to work it into development, I can give you some further examples (screenshots, etc) too... ~Andrew
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