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Heading (direction)



Other than when on a trail our normal caching routine us drive to a cache, jtomcat16 out and find it and then back in the car to the next cache. Unfortunately all the metal and electronics in the car screws the iPhone compass so the heading does not match the direction you are driving. 

Is it possible for heading to be taken from the GPS and not the compass one you are travelling at a speed at which you must be driving eg 20 kmph?


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Interesting suggestion. Yes, this would be possible since that data is available in the location data form the GPS chip.

There would have to be a warning/explanation for users if this was the case since it would no longer behave like a compass. This would take some extensive testing, but I do think it would be possible.

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It seems as if Apple has sorted this one. On the iPhone 7 the heading is all over the place until you hit about 20km per hour and then it points straight forward. Looks like the 7 uses the GPS heading once you get some speed. Does not work on my wife's iPhone 6 so it must be hardware related

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