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  1. +1. I'd love to have a simple "FTF" switch in the Filter Options page Edit: Sorry, only found out later that this is an old forum trail already
  2. Sorry to read that, Nic. But I understand why lab caches can't be included now then. Do you know of any plans of Geocaching.com making changes to the API to include lab caches? I still would like to see this feature in the future if possible.
  3. @ Team DEMP I'm using the standard IOS Mail functionality. When I receive a zipped GPX-file and select it, the preview page only gives a link to "Preview Content". Opening the link shows the XML of the GPX. But now you mention it, I hadn't noticed the share button in the right top of the ZIPped-file's preview page before. That does indeed give me an option to "Copy to Chachly". So this "issue" is solved now. Thanks for helping out.
  4. Hi Nic, Team, I noticed when I export a list to GPX and mail it to myself or others, the GPX-file is zipped. Because it is zipped, a receiver of the GPX-file cannot import it directly into Cachly. Is there a reason why the file is zipped (beyond the obvious answer to make the file smaller)? Or is there a work around to import a zipped GPX-file directly into Cachly? If not, can you add a setting or option to Cachly to decide as the sender to have the file sent as plain GPX or Zipped-GPX? Thank you!
  5. Hi Cachly team, I know that Cachly doesn't support lab caches. But can you think about adding a possibility to show lab caches or Adventure Lab trails on the map? There are several Adventure Lab trails among other caches in the area where I live. At the moment, the only option to find all lab caches in an Adventure Lab trail is by using the Adventure Lab app. As that app does not show any other caches around, I need to either constantly change from the Adventure Lab app to Cachly and back, or decide to do just the Adventure Lab trail and forget about other caches in the neighbourhood. Neither is a convenient option. But showing (or better even, being able to also log) nearby Lab caches would make things much easier.
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