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  1. Hi Nic, just downloaded it again this morning. It showed the green checkmark in the downloading section and also the usage-screen confirms the full download. I also made sure that Cachly remains active during downloading and installing. I even saw the note of the map being installed. But still the issue remains. It is no major issue to me as I simply re-downloaded the segments of Germany I mainly need But still I wonder why this behavior occurs...
  2. Indeed it does, yes. Still I cannot select it to be the active map...
  3. Dear TeamDEMP, thanks for the quick reply. Seems I did not quite properly explain my issue then I am aware how to open the screen where to select the downloaded maps and it worked for when only downloading single German countries. I wanted to have the whole map available though as I am traveling a lot. The overview does not show the "total German map" though although in the downloading overview, it clearly shows the green check confirming it was downloaded. When clicking again, it also asks me whether to download again... Chris
  4. Dear team, just downloaded the full premium-offline-map of Germany but not have the issue that it is not selectable to show. Also tried another country and it shows in the overview of offline maps. Do I miss something? Regards, Chris
  5. Understood. Was just a bit misleading when I first recognized it. Topic can be closed then. Regards, Chris
  6. Hey Nic, I am attaching a picture of how it worked in L4C. Not sure if I made my point clear enough but the waypoints definitely would only show for the cache currently having the "pop-up" shown. An option might be to trigger this setting in the options as I appreciate some might not like this feature. In the attached screenshot, the app shows the additional waypoint for parking saved in the listing of the tapped cache. If there were custom-ones as well, these would show, too. The icons are different though which make sure it easier to differentiate between the types of wp. Regards, Chris
  7. Hi team, while checking some caches in Cachly today, I realized that text of the "negative" attributes does not add a "not" or "no" in front. Hoping that I did not overlook an according topic already created and it is just a minor thing but thought I'd mention it. Regards, Chris
  8. Hi team, I have been using Cachly for two months now coming from L4C and really like the simplicity yet functionality of this app. Purchase was definitely the right decision, no doubt. What I am missing in this app comparing it to its predecessor though is the feature that when you click on a cache on the map (regardless if live or offline), it does show the waypoints of this cache as pins, dots or any other symbol. I really enjoyed this feature as it allowed me to directly choose the final coordinates for navigation from the map instead of opening the details of the cache. Of course, additional waypoints are not showing all the time as it would simply ruin the overview but only when the cache is marked. Understand though this might be an issue of visuals as the window for the cache details is quite large. Checked the previous requests but did not find anything like this yet. Is such a feature planned? Regards, Chris
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