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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in cego features   
    Unfortunately no, the geocaching.com API doesn't have this ability.
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Getting GPX file on iPhone   
    If I were you I would use the Pocket Query option in Cachly. This provides full data downloads of caches while the GPX files do not have the full data.
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Team DEMP in Getting GPX file on iPhone   
    The 2 primary ways would be emailing it to yourself or using dropbox. 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Team DEMP in Learning Issues   
    1 - Give the following a try and see if it helps - http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Getting_Started_with_Cachly
    a - See http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Live_Usage#Search_Options and http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Search_Options
    b - Might want to know a bit more. There are different ways to get an offline list of caches on Cachly. How are you creating the GPX on your computer? What is the source creating the GPX?
    c - swipe the offline list to the left and it will show delete
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    Gdsdizz got a reaction from 2McDs in Filter Options for 3.0   
    I would add a filter for unfound caches. There seems to be a few out there. 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Geocoin?   
    They are not available for purchase, no. They are promo items that can be won at various events and through different promotions we do on social media. Stay tuned for more ways to win them!
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Beware of the fake   
    I have reported this to Apple legal. Let's see if anything happens. We do have a trademark on the word Cachly so they should at least force this developer to change the name.
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Pending trackable logs   
    This isn't currently possible. Pending logs will be able to be sent in batch in our upcoming 3.0 version, but at the moment trackables cannot. 
    Planning to add this in 3.0.1. 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to acachebox in I Phone Compass Calibration   
    Since the last software upgrade I can no longer calibrate the compass as I move from place to place. This results in the navigate to cache function as being almost useless. I have contacted Apple without result as they did not even know of a need to recalibrate after moving some distance. We now have to use my Garmin Oregon as apposed to our 2 I Phones 
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Another issue that renders Cachly very difficult to use it the fact it will not remain in navigation mode if you touch the scrrn for any reason.
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    Gdsdizz got a reaction from ElectroQTed in Filter Options for 3.0   
    I would add a filter for unfound caches. There seems to be a few out there. 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Filter Options for 3.0   
    This would just be the Found filter set to false.
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Team DEMP in API limitation   
    The Groundspeak API has a limit of 30 requests over 60 seconds. 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Filter Options for 3.0   
    In 3.0 we are introducing filtering of Offline Lists. Here are the proposed filter options, please feel free to give input and suggest additional filters.
    Attributes Cache Type Container Size Country Date Placed Difficulty Distance DNF Favorites Found GC Code Has Corrected Coordinates Has Images Has Personal Cache Note Has Trackables Is Archived Is Available Is Highlighted Is Ignored Is Premium Logs contain text Long Description Owned Owner Name Personal Cache Note Placed By Short Description State Terrain Title Trackables count NOTE:
    Text filters such as description, title, placed by, etc will have the following options:
    Begins with Ends with Matches Contains Numeric filters such as terrain, difficulty etc will have the following options:
    Is less than Is less than or equal to Is greater than Is greater than or equal to Is equal to Is not equal to
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    Gdsdizz got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Logging tweaks -Signature text, tb's   
    You can set up a standard log under settings. 
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    Gdsdizz got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Live cache refresh   
    It looks like if you pull down on the cache page it refreshes. 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Team DEMP in Membership   
    There is no Cachly membership, only a geocaching.com membership. There's no Cachly user account in the app, only a geocaching.com account.
    If you purchased a premium membership  on geocaching.com, you will have full access on the site and be able to view unlimited caches through Cachly. Did you buy a membership on geocaching.com and provide your credit card info or Paypal info? If not, you still have a basic free account. If you paid, then log out and log back into your account on geocaching.com and see if it shows you as Premium at https://www.geocaching.com/my/ . On the top right where it shows your Finds and Hides, above that it will show Premium Member. 
    If geocaching.com shows you as a premium member, log out of your account in Cachly and then log back in and you will have full access to caches from within Cachly. 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Heading (direction)   
    Interesting suggestion. Yes, this would be possible since that data is available in the location data form the GPS chip.
    There would have to be a warning/explanation for users if this was the case since it would no longer behave like a compass. This would take some extensive testing, but I do think it would be possible.
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    Gdsdizz reacted to barefootguru in Geosphere user trying Cachly   
    Welcome to Cachly 
    Having a line linking your position and the destination makes sense to me, and I've seen it used in other (non-caching) navigation apps.
    You can always just back out to the main map screen and do your own navigation from there.
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    Gdsdizz reacted to .jpeg in Geosphere user trying Cachly   
    As a Geosphere user since ver 2, I have been very satisfied and use it for most of my caching. But it seems that the developer has either lost interest or been too busy to address problems caused by iOS updates. But since the Cachly developer is so engaged, I thought I would mention some handy features that I’ve become accustomed to and haven’t found in Cachly. If I've overlooked them please let me know. I posted this on the facebook Cachly group and was asked to post it here.
    1. When I first tried Cachly I was dismayed by the similarities to the “official” app, I like the compact and precise “pins” used by Geosphere better than the large Ouija planchette markers used by Cachly. Based on the facebook post, there are a lot of users who hate the pins but I'm not seeing any logical reasons why.
    2. In Geosphere you can change the colors of the cache pins. For example, in Cachly I usually can’t tell the difference between a virtual and a letterbox.
    3. Also the red “as the crow flies” line between your location and the target. I wish there was a way to turn them off because they are only useful if you are a crow. (joke)
    4. Geosphere has a very handy feature that turns suggested coordinates in logs to a hyperlink that when clicked gives you the option of creating an additional waypoint or correcting the primary one. I’ve used that a lot.
    5. I read that filters in offline caches will be added in a later version. This would be a big help. As it is now it seems you are required to do the filtering when creating the offline group.
    6. Not sure if this is possible in Cachly but in Geosphere the offline groups seem to all subsets of a single database allowing the user to mix and match groups as needed.
    7. Geosphere doesn’t have this but Google maps does. A dark background screen for night caching or battery conservation.
    All that being said, Cachly is very capable and promising and will probably soon by my go-to app for caching.
    One more thing, the map selection in Cachly is superb, even with the API Key glitch in the open maps. Keep up the great work!
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    Gdsdizz reacted to geowaters in Add setting for all street names to be BOLD?   
    I notice some street names are bold and some are not. Street names retain their tiny type even when you zoom the map in. As a middle aged dude whose eyesight is not as sharp as it once was for reading, I'd appreciate at least an option in the settings to make all street names bold. I suppose a touch-to-magnify bubble would work too, but is probably even more work for you. Thanks!
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in Voting for Feature Requests   
    You can now vote for feature requests. This will help us to know how popular suggested features might be. Please vote!
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    Gdsdizz reacted to vanBaarsel in Cachly 2.1 unified database   
    A little off topic, but I guess there are a lot of "refugees" using Cachly! Great to see an active developer again 
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    Gdsdizz reacted to valrg in Sleep mode   
    Thanks for such a swift response - I'm loving this app!
    Yes that would certainly be the screen that I would like to see it on - as you say it would not be sensible for the other screens
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    Gdsdizz reacted to bblais in First Use Experience   
    Ah, I see.  I never used that in Google Maps so I never noticed.  It's not a problem, if the next issue is addressed.
    yes, I was using this.  when you do that, it zooms out.  So, if I get the map to look like I want (e.g. the cache I'm navigating to, within 500 ft, and I are in the map) and I want to switch to the mode where it points me in the right direction with the rotating map I can't do that.  Hitting the location button zooms back out and changes the mode.  once I get it back to rotating map, I have to zoom back in - and make sure not to pan at all or I have to do it all over again.  as far as usability, I only really noticed the issue when I was close to the cache.
    iPhone 6.  just used to geosphere where many 1000's are handled without an issue.  it wasn't even a gpx file, I just hit the live refresh until there were about ~1000 caches and tried to add to an existing list which had about 500.  
    that would be my preference, although I can totally see people thinking it would be too cluttered.  
    thanks for the very fast response!
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    Gdsdizz reacted to Nic Hubbard in First Use Experience   
    Thanks for trying Cachly!
    This functionality matches that of Apple and Google map apps. This was specifically done to give a intuitive and cross app experience since users likely have used one of those apps.
    If you tap the current location button  a few times it will toggle you through the different modes. One of which rotates the map as you rotate. Is that what you meant?
    What iPhone are you using? The import size depends on the amount of memory your phone has. As stated elsewhere we are working to fix this issue. Can you send me the GPX file?
    Would you prefer them to be on the main map with all the caches?
    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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