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  1. 2McDs

    Bad Request Error 5/29-5/30/2019

    Thanks it is OK now!
  2. 2McDs

    Bad Request Error 5/29-5/30/2019

    The last time I had a problem, I had to uninstall Cachly and reinstall it again. I lost all my saved files. I’ve saved sets of files that I need for our two trips in the next month and don’t want to reinstall. Thanks in advance.
  3. For the past two days every time I go to use any Cachly function, I get a bad request error. I took screenshots of the error messages and emailed Cachly support (5minutes ago). The message gives me a choice between continuing off-line or logging on to Geocaching.com again. I logged out and then logged back in. That didn’t help and I immediately got the same message. That message repeats every three seconds and requires a choice. Is anyone else having the same problem? We know Cachly is changing over to a new system to be compatible with the changes at Geocaching. I don’t want these messages coming up every three seconds (literally).The last time I uninstalled it and reinstalled it I lost all my saved geocaches. Is anyone else having the same problems?
  4. When I try to download PQs, the app either bonks out of Cachly without finishing or hangs up for 10-30 minutes. I end up having three-six partial lists which I merge. Then I still am missing 50 geocaches from a Pocket Query of 251 geocaches. I tried only downloading at my home network (very fast), restarting my iPhone, closing all other apps, waiting a few hours before trying again, restarting Cachly and have called both my carrier and Apple to see if there were problems on those ends. My iPhone 8 was new at the end of April. I don’t remember this slow and incomplete downloads happening until recently. This is so frustrating. Any suggestions?
  5. 2McDs

    Map Auto-Refresh?

    We live on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania so we often drift between the two states on one day. It would be nice if the app could recognize which state and intuitively use the correct map. Many of the places we cached do not have signals. We have downloaded the needed maps.