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  1. bblais

    Battery drain with Cachly

    iOS. 10.3.2. iPhone 6. Age of battery around 3 years? cachly must use gps when the compass is being used even with no map, right? Would there be any battery difference there? Good to know about locked screen not using gps.
  2. bblais

    Battery drain with Cachly

    I am a recent Cachly user, converting from Geosphere, and mostly it has been fantastic. One issue which has happened to me, and now my wife who is using it, is battery drain. The pattern is that you'll be using the app on and off for about 4 hours and the battery life would slowly go down and then plummet very quickly - like, 40% down to 8% in about 2 minutes. Is there a reason this app might use battery more than, say, Geosphere or some other apps (I've never experienced it with anything else)? Is there anything we can do to avoid this problem? thanks!
  3. Having used Cachly for a few weeks to see how I like it (coming from Geosphere), the one thing that I find missing from the experience is something to display where I am facing without the full rotate map mode. In that mode there is a little "fan" showing the direction, and I'd like to see that (or be able to turn it on) in all modes. Otherwise I have to keep flipping back between the compass and the map, which is inconvenient given the number of times you have to do it. I personally find the full map rotation to be disorienting in all apps (not just Cachly), so I like to have the map static when navigating. thanks!
  4. bblais

    First Use Experience

    Ah, I see. I never used that in Google Maps so I never noticed. It's not a problem, if the next issue is addressed. yes, I was using this. when you do that, it zooms out. So, if I get the map to look like I want (e.g. the cache I'm navigating to, within 500 ft, and I are in the map) and I want to switch to the mode where it points me in the right direction with the rotating map I can't do that. Hitting the location button zooms back out and changes the mode. once I get it back to rotating map, I have to zoom back in - and make sure not to pan at all or I have to do it all over again. as far as usability, I only really noticed the issue when I was close to the cache. iPhone 6. just used to geosphere where many 1000's are handled without an issue. it wasn't even a gpx file, I just hit the live refresh until there were about ~1000 caches and tried to add to an existing list which had about 500. that would be my preference, although I can totally see people thinking it would be too cluttered. thanks for the very fast response!
  5. bblais

    First Use Experience

    So I just used Cachly for the first time - primarily a Geosphere user. Here are a few things that I noticed, some of which I think would help the user experience. very easy to use and figure out. more intuitive than geosphere, definitely a lot better than the geocaching app. online search is faster than geosphere, and very usable when navigating to a cache, I like to have the little "fan" showing the direction I'm looking even in (and especially in) the case where the map isn't rotating. I don't like having to switch back and forth from the compass to the map to get that. In the case where the map is rotating, it is odd that panning the map even a little changes the mode (it goes back to non-rotating). zooming doesn't seem to change this. There doesn't seem to be a way to switch to "rotate the map to show my direction" and not, without also changing the zoom. crash importing a semi-large (~1000) caches. that was disappointing, but smaller lists seem to work. Geosphere's handling of very large lists quickly and efficiently is a game changer for geocaching, and is mentioned by others. parking coords for a cache only show up when you navigate to the cache itself, making it a little harder to find parking "in the area" if not all of the caches have that extra parking coord. My battery seemed to drop quite quickly. not sure if that was a coincidence or not. Anyway, it was a good experience overall - every program has its share of nits, so this isn't a complaint. Looking forward to testing it some more.