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  1. Maybe if the option was visually set apart from the exclusions below it such as a space or heavy line between it and those below.
  2. That was it! Thanks! Still want that debug data Nic?
  3. All types and sizes are checked. Heres the rest:
  4. Every time. I also tried typing in Dallas, tx and got the same message.
  5. Is there a search function for the map to center on a city or zip by entering that information. It would be nice when preparing to travel.
  6. .jpeg

    Geosphere user trying Cachly

    I guess I just prefer a minimum of things covering up the map. I prefer to play Geocaching rather than "what's under the red line". Wouldn't a small arrow pointing toward the target from your current location serve the purpose just as well yet reveal more of the map?
  7. As a Geosphere user since ver 2, I have been very satisfied and use it for most of my caching. But it seems that the developer has either lost interest or been too busy to address problems caused by iOS updates. But since the Cachly developer is so engaged, I thought I would mention some handy features that I’ve become accustomed to and haven’t found in Cachly. If I've overlooked them please let me know. I posted this on the facebook Cachly group and was asked to post it here. 1. When I first tried Cachly I was dismayed by the similarities to the “official” app, I like the compact and precise “pins” used by Geosphere better than the large Ouija planchette markers used by Cachly. Based on the facebook post, there are a lot of users who hate the pins but I'm not seeing any logical reasons why. 2. In Geosphere you can change the colors of the cache pins. For example, in Cachly I usually can’t tell the difference between a virtual and a letterbox. 3. Also the red “as the crow flies” line between your location and the target. I wish there was a way to turn them off because they are only useful if you are a crow. (joke) 4. Geosphere has a very handy feature that turns suggested coordinates in logs to a hyperlink that when clicked gives you the option of creating an additional waypoint or correcting the primary one. I’ve used that a lot. 5. I read that filters in offline caches will be added in a later version. This would be a big help. As it is now it seems you are required to do the filtering when creating the offline group. 6. Not sure if this is possible in Cachly but in Geosphere the offline groups seem to all subsets of a single database allowing the user to mix and match groups as needed. 7. Geosphere doesn’t have this but Google maps does. A dark background screen for night caching or battery conservation. All that being said, Cachly is very capable and promising and will probably soon by my go-to app for caching. One more thing, the map selection in Cachly is superb, even with the API Key glitch in the open maps. Keep up the great work!