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  1. valrg

    Waypoint problems

    I have read some other forum posts and I too am having problems with waypoints. The first few times after the update that I entered a waypoint, I went back to “navigate to cache” to look for the blue dot, and it wasn't there! As is so often the case I was in a hurry so I quickly opened up my geocaching.com app (shock,horror), entered the coordinates, and used their map to find the cache. When I tried to explain the problem to my husband I opened up cachly to show him the blue dot wasn't there, but now it was! This happened several times and I began to doubt my sanity! Today I discovered that if I clicked on the new waypoint entry in cachly the blue dot would appear which at least meant I didn't have to enter it again in geocaching.com, but if I go to “navigate to cache” it's not there........at least not yet. The one I did yesterday has now appeared. I have just closed the app (completely by swiping up) and reopened it, and the blue dot from today has appeared.......
  2. I first started using Cachly when it had not been out long and suggested that it was annoying when using “navigate to cache” that the phone screen kept timing out, and one had to keep on logging back in to phone. You listened and for years we have had the navigate to cache overriding the autolock on the phone. However I notice with the recent upgrade that we are back to the map/phone timing out after a minute or so. Soooo frustrating. Is this a policy decisions? Means that really each time I go out caching I have to remember to go to settings and turn autolock to never, and then of course remember to turn it back on later
  3. valrg

    England map download

    Thanks - that worked
  4. valrg

    England map download

    We were downloading both the England map and the Norway map for offline use on my husbands phone (I had already done mine successfully). When I came to show him the England maps we got the following error message. Comments please.
  5. valrg

    Sleep mode

    Thanks for such a swift response - I'm loving this app! Yes that would certainly be the screen that I would like to see it on - as you say it would not be sensible for the other screens
  6. valrg

    Sleep mode

    Is there any way of stopping the iphone going into sleep mode whilst using the cachly app? I appreciate you can go to settings on the iphone and change the general settings there but that's not something I want to do each time I go caching. I'm sure the geocaching classic app, which I've used for the last 6 years, must have something like that because I didn't used to find the phone going to sleep every few minutes. Now as I'm walking along between caches I'm finding that each time I look down at my phone it's gone to sleep and it has to be woken up, password entered etc etc.
  7. valrg

    Mark Pocket Queries as Downloaded

    Can I second this request. Being a bear of very little brain, I've recently ended up downloading some pocket queries twice - I've forgotten that I've done one, or whilst downloading a whole list of them (prior to a trip to Norway) I can never remember where I've got up to. At present, not only is there no indication of which ones have been downloaded, but if you click on one it doesn't say "Hey! You've already downloaded this" - it just downloads it all again and now you've got 2 copies!!