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    Alert when approching a cache

    A nice feature would be an alert when getting in a specified range of an cache. This might be very usefull when hiking a cache trail without having to watch the display all the time.
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    Import from iCloud Drive

    That is exactly what I am doing now. I’m just trying to eliminate a step and have it work like Dropbox downloads. No worries. I’m am quite happy with the app.
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    Sorry for the late update, I've not been able to repeat this since, maybe it was an API issue.
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    Many thanks for such a quick response Nic Hubbard. I have since checked my drafts and I think that all eight of the logs listed were caches that didn’t go through to geocaching.com, but by luck I noticed that and logged them directly to geocaching.com. On Cachly I had the ‘Save as draft’ button on so you may have found the answer to my problem. I have now turned that button ‘off’ and hope that will fix my problem in future. As you can tell I am not at all tech savvy so thanks very much for your help.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Cache radiuses not always showing

    Thanks. Looks like there is a bug here, will get it fixed.
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    Unfortunately this is a standard thing that iOS does. It is in charge of killing apps if it chooses. However, we are working on some solutions to this. Stay tuned for 6.0.
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    Yes! There it is! Don’t know how I missed it! Thanks!!
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    Default name for exported list

    Thanks so much! Will look forward to it!
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    Nic Hubbard

    Default name for exported list

    Excellent idea about defaulting the export title to the list name. Will get this added.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Flickering maps

    Thanks, I can replicate this. It seems this is a new iOS 13 specific bug. Testing some of our other devices, pre-iOS 13 do not have the issue. I will get this bug logged.
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    Import GPX file

    With the latest update 5.2.14 the „Copy to Cachly“ action also works on my iPhone. Thanks
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    Waypoints not saving

    Okay, so I guess I understand. Using a saved location from history or a list/pocket query means the new waypoint is not available until the saved location is updated. Thanks for the help.
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    Purge Logs

    Thank you. I thought I searched everywhere before admitting defeat. But alas, I did not check there.
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    Just an update. This will be fixed in 5.2.10.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Series 5 Apple Watch and compass

    This is something that is being planned for 5.3. Stay tuned.
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    We haven't gotten to this bug yet, but will soon.
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    This was previously possible in Cachly, but with some recent iOS 13 changes it looks like I accidentally blocked that gesture. Sorry about that, I will fix that in an upcoming version.
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    Apple Maps (in developer apps) finally supports this in iOS 13, while the other map types have had this since Cachly 5.0.
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    Trackable set to always visit

    Is it possible to set a trackable to visiting (for every log) by default? For example a person with a personal trackable code tattoo or key ring so it visits each cache (found, write note, owner maintenance, the lot) by default. thanks
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    Nic Hubbard

    Switching to Google Maps

    This is iOS killing Cachly in the background because it wants more memory for other apps. In Settings you can use the History option to view that previous cache. There are ways to do this and we are working to have this in a future version.
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    More Apple Watch complications AW4

    I’ve been finding the Cachly Apple Watch app very handy recently for kayak caching. Handy to see distance to next cache by simply turning my wrist instead of reaching for my phone while paddling. I just picked up an Apple Watch 4 & realized with the extra screen space there is a bunch more info Cachly could possibly show. It would be super nice to have a distance & maybe even small compass or general direction to next cache complication. Would be killer for kayak caching and come to think of it sorta was what I was looking for with regards to power trail caching. Even if that isn’t possible at the very least it would be nice if the Cachly watch complication was able to be used in more of the faces. Keep having to use a very specific face just so it’s available to use via the main face. It’s kinda funny how what at first I thought was just a cool gimmicky thing to use every once in awhile has become a real time saver that has a bunch of potential.
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    Thanks, looks like an issue that one of our beta testers reported as well. We will get this fixed Thanks!
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    Hi Nic Here a little input for a super improvement: Would it be possible to display the favorite points in percent? Especially if you are travelling in a unfamiliar area and don't want to miss the best caches, this would be a very useful function! Of course you should also be able to filter or sort by percentage. If the % display is output via the API, I guess it would be relatively easy to implement such a function. Thanks!
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    Hi Cachly-Community As a long-time Looking4Cache user I gave Cachly a try since I own an Apple Watch. It's a very nice app with a lot of features, some things I miss so it could be even better: 1. If the map is in mode "navigate to target" it isn't auto-zoom when I approach the target. You need to manually reload to zoom in when you get closer. 2. It would be nice to have a compass and the map in one view 3. What about a proximity alert so you get a sound when you approach the target by X meters? 4. Can Cachly access the favo ratio beside the absolute favo count? It would be nice to sort a list by the favo ratio. 5. When you add a projection waypoint, the base is always the current position, right? It would be far better if you can also set an existing waypoint as the projection base. 6. When having a multi cache with multiple waypoints, the watch app is always navigating to the listing coordinates. Or am I doing something wrong? 7. Often requested: I want to restrict existing logs to my friends. It's not needed to interact with the GC-Friend list. It would be enough if I can create a local user list and to filter log lists to that users. Hope to see some of these features in the near future ... Ulli (Steinpilz42)
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    Nic Hubbard

    Alert when approching a cache

    This is a feature that is for sure on our list. Hope to add it in a future version.