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  1. I also experience the same behavior as Miroslav noted above (thanks for the workaround Miroslav!)
  2. I am trying to download maps for a number of South American countries including French Guiana and Guyana. I only see Guyane in the list, which appears to have topo information for French Guiana but no roads. It does not appear to have anything for Guyana. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Thanks Nic, I was hoping to avoid that so I wouldn't have to redo all my preferences and settings, but I bit the bullet and it took care of the issue. Thanks for making such a great app.
  4. I migrated from an old iPad to a new v9 iPad today. On the new iPad, Cachly shows as having 2.98 Gb of "offline maps" under usage, but when I select map layers no offline maps are available. I re-downloaded a state and it still doesn't show up as an option in the map layers. Any suggestions on what to try next?
  5. There are two bugs that I have noticed in previous 5.x version that appear to have persisted into Cachly 6.0 1. When I switch from the offline premium maps to Google Satellite map, it sometimes zooms out to show most of the world (usually centered on Australia oddly) instead of keeping the same location and zoom level. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but quite frequently. 2. I do much of my caching in offline mode. If I create a Is Corrected Coordinate waypoint while offline I get the message that "The connection seems to be offline..." and it creates the waypoint. But if I then try to delete that waypoint, I get an error that the "Internet connection appears offline" and I can't get rid of it. When I have no service and can't get back on the internet, this can be problematic. Waypoints created that don't use the Is Corrected Coordinate don't exhibit this behavior. The new features in 6.0 are awesome, especially state restore. That one is gold right there (and the reason for a developer tip a few weeks back) Cachly version number: 6.0.1 iOS version: 13.5.1 Device that you are using iPhone SE 2020 Screen that issue is happening on and if you can replicate it: Google maps / waypoints Premium user of geocaching.com:
  6. I was out caching with a friend on Saturday and I had my phone on airplane mode to save the battery since we were out in the woods (and I always have all the maps and caches downloaded so I don't need data). At one of the caches I clicked on some coords thinking they were the location of the final and added them as a corrected final waypoint. I received the usual message about Cachly being offline and that it would be saved later, which was fine. I then realized those coords were 65 miles away and clearly not the corrected final coords so I tried to delete them. When I tried to delete that waypoint Cachly kept telling me that I was offline and didn't delete it. I tried both deleting the waypoint and the "removed corrected" way of deleting it and nothing worked. Also, a previous version or two ago the "log geocache" button would switch to "view pending log" after a log was added, which was very helpful in preventing duplicate logs. Recently it has switched back (I believe to allow users to add notes or other types of logs) so now it is easy to double log caches again. Might the color of the "Log cache" button change or something else that is really clear to provide feedback to the user that they already have a pending log? I know if you switch to a different cache and then back to one with a pending log it has the option on that button to "view pending logs", but that is pretty subtle and requires you to have gone to another page and back to that cache to show up.
  7. In case it hasn't been mentioned, I think it would be quite useful if the cache type (traditional, virtual, earth cache) was displayed for each cache in the pending logs list. After a long day of caching last week I had 100 pending logs with virtuals and earth caches mixed together with a lot of traditional. I was trying to remember which cache was which so I could write a slightly less generic log as well as which ones I needed to add "answers submitted" to the logs or write "I don't yet quite qualify for this challenge cache" note. I ended up having to jump back to my offline list (I cache almost exclusively from offline lists) and filter by cache type to see the names of the virtuals and earth caches I found that day. As always, thanks for the great app and the great support.
  8. It does not seem to work that way for me. I have the filter "Found: No" enabled and while it does not show my logged (smiley) finds, it is still showing all the found but not logged caches with the check marks.
  9. I really like the badge count feature for the app icon in Cachly 3.0, it really helps keeping track of my day's finds. In those sad instances when I have one or many DNFs, I have to remember the number of DNFs and notes and mentally subtract it from the badge count. Might there be a way to add options for what increases the badge count, or make it so the badge count only displays pending finds, not DNFs or notes? I think most cachers are far more interested in tracking the number of finds for the day, not the number of total cache attempts and notes. Thanks for the fantastic app.
  10. The new offline filters are great, would it be possible to add in a filter for pending log types, with options for the 5 possible values of pending log type? For those of us who do our caching offline and create and submit the logs later, it can be helpful to get all the found and not yet logged caches off the screen/list (or sadly, DNF and not logged). Thanks for the great app.
  11. That wouldn't apply to offline lists though, correct? Since the full data was already downloaded? Presuming that is the case (and just to complicate things), maybe it could be standard to display the last 5 logs on that initial pop-up on any already fully downloaded cache (full offline lists) but optional on the "live" map? I certainly wouldn't ever hit the 6,000/day ceiling, but I agree that could be an issue for some users and something that should be optional.
  12. A friend and I were having a caching day yesterday, and during a lunch break we were looking for our next set of caches to find. I mentioned how nice it would be if when you tapped on a cache, the initial pop-up that has the cache name, size, type, distance D/T, TBs, and favorites also showed the colored dots of the last 5 finds. It seems like there would be room for that in that initial window and it would eliminate the need to tap into the cache for additional details. This would make it much quicker to get a quick idea of which caches in the are findable and which might be more problematic. My friend said he was just having the exact same thought. As always, love the app.
  13. I do most of my caching offline with a downloaded map and downloaded local cache list, thus most of my found logs are "Save for later" and all end up in the Pending Logs list. I have found that when I accidentally log the same cache as found twice, and then delete one of the found logs from my pending log lists, it unchecks the icon on the map. I understand the basic behavior, delete found log, uncheck icon, but it would be nice if there was a way it would know that there is still a Found log for that cache and keep it checked. This isn't a big issue, thankfully I don't double-log often, but it can cause confusion when I do. As always, thanks for the fantastic app and support.
  14. I also have had this happen to me on occasion since I started using Cachly (from version 1.something). It happens to me once or twice out of every 3-4 hours of continuous caching. I also cannot recreate it reliably, it just happens sometimes after I log a cache (saved for later) and go back to the map screen and try to select another cache. As previous people mentioned, I just mess with the zoom level until it lets me select the cache I want.
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